A Mid September Show of Flowers

The secret to good warm weather in September is to clear out your summer wardrobe and air the heavier tog duvet.  Once you have done all this you will then have an Indian Summer.   Yesterday and today have been glorious gardening days.   I have sorted out some pots that were looking tatty and this afternoon I mowed the lawn.   The garden looks spruced up and shipshape.   Although there is a lot of green, some colour remains in the garden and, armed with my camera, I fought my way through the plethora of spiders webs…my head is still itching… to take photos of the flowers gracing the flowerbeds.

Some of the pics were sadly out of focus so I have ditched the white Gaura, the Fuchsia and the Cleome along with a couple of others.  Oh, the Sweet Peas ‘Beaujolais’ were picked yesterday to take to my Mum so there were none left to photograph, I am hoping for one more picking.

Below are the flowers left adorning my garden in the middle of September.

Dahlia – Paula
Hardy Geranium – variety unknown
Japanese Amenome
Hydrangea – madame-emile-mouillere
A fading Zinnia – it was really bright at the height of summer – but still pretty
Phlox Lady – strawberry
The last of the Compassion Rose
Cosmos – ‘Pied Piper’ from Higgledy Garden
Amaranthus ‘Caudatus Red’ – Love Lies Bleeding. Also from Higgledy Garden
Yellow Dahlia – no idea of the variety, the tubers were given to me a few years ago and I don’t dig them up.
Scabiosa ‘Back in Black’ – Another successful seed from Higgledy Garden
Caryopteris – ‘Heavenly Blue’

I am busy now looking at bulb catalogues and planning my winter and spring planting which is always exciting.

4 thoughts on “A Mid September Show of Flowers

  1. It certainly was a lovely weekend of warm, soft September sun, unlike today! You have some beautiful plants still performing so well. I particularly like the white Hydrangea.


  2. I do like Dahlia Paula, it’s very vibrant. Lots of lovely blooms


    1. It is rather lovely. It is what they call a dahliaetta and is quite small grown in a container on my patio.


  3. A stunning demonstration of the amazing beauty in our world. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful walk through your September garden.


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