End of Month View – March 2015

It is getting a little warmer now and everything in the garden is full of the joy of spring.   We have been unlucky this last week with some very strong winds and I, for one, suffered the loss of seedlings when my plastic greenhouse blew over.  Fortunately it is still early enough to get going again.  I shoved my sweet pea seeds, which were sprouting, back into their pots hoping that they will recover. 

Today, a few days after the end of March, it is mild and wet but during a lull in the drizzle I managed a couple of hours in the garden.  The soil is burgeoning with weeds and ideal to work at the moment so I spent most of the time hoeing and adding organic compost.   

  The Forsythia and Ribes are contributing to wonderful spring colour in the garden.  The lawn desperately needs some work this year.  I have put feed and weed on it and now there are large black patches where the moss was.  Also there are bald patches caused by me walking on the lawn when it was very wet and frosty. 


I love the Spirea at this time of the year because the leaves are beautiful shades of rosy pink and russet.


The south facing border is a spring delight with daffodils, forget-me-nots, and peony shoots. 


 As I walked around I could see the euphorbia, which I thought had died, has recovered for another year. 


 On the opposite flower bed the tiny shoots of the euphorbia ‘Fireglow’  are making an appearance.  It seems to have spread so I am expecting a good show this year.

  A few years ago I planted a clematis ‘Josephine’ at the base of the Elder and it is full of buds so the contrast of the pink flowers and the purple leaves on the Elder should look good within a month or two. 

  In my last post I said I was delighted that the Clematis Montana ‘Elizabeth’ had survived it’s severe hacking.  This year I think the shed is going to be covered in pretty fragrant flowers. 



The lasagna pots on the side patio are blooming well with an assortment of daffs and the tulips are slowly coming up also. 



 Although the Peiris is looking a little thin, it is flowing well so can’t be too unhappy. 

  Thank you Helen from Patient Gardener for hosting this great meme, which serves as an extremely useful record of how the gardening is fairing over the years. 

Next month, when the EOMV for April is put together, there will be lots more of exciting new growth to show you. 

11 thoughts on “End of Month View – March 2015

  1. Yvonne Ryan Matakatia Whangaparaoa Auckland New Zealand April 7, 2015 — 10:03 am

    Hi Ronnie – Jeepers you were harsh on your clematis – I hope you apolagised ( opps spelling!) to it!!! Don’t see a lot of forsythia up here in Auckland – a bit warm. See a lot in the South Island. Really sign of spring! Autumn here but still shorts weather – 25 degrees c again today! I have lots of bulbs popping their leaves up so not sure what season they think it is! We don’t get frosts here in Whangapararoa Peninsula just north of Auckland but temperatures do drop occasionally to 8/10 over night in winter.We think 12degrees is a freezing day with a cold wind! We have lots of 18/20 degree c days in winter with no wind and sun so not really cold. At least if you have frosts it kills a few bugs! Ours is a semi-tropical garden, lots of natives to attract the birds but I do like pretty flowers and bulbs so have lots of pots that I can move around. I had a cottage garden in Mt Eden and transferred 300 plants/pots in big furniture trailer to my daughters, lots have crept back around to me! Very difficult when you are a plant-a-holic! Enjoy your pretty garden!


  2. Beautiful! You have a lot more blooming than I have.
    Here in southeastern US we have had a lot of rain with only a few sunny days in between. I try not to complain about the rain because I know very hot and dry weather will show up in the Summer. I’ll be wishing for rain then.
    Hope you are having a great day!


    1. We have had a glorious few warm days with temperatures above average for this time of the year. I have planted out a few new plants and had to water them well so could do with a little rain now to refill the water butt. We are never happy!!


  3. Hi Ronnie,

    Your garden is looking lovely at the moment; always exciting at this time of the year.

    I think the entire UK suffered in the strong winds; I kept worrying that our roof would come off it was that strong! We don’t often hear anything in our bedroom as generally rain/wind hits the back. 2am and I still wasn’t asleep thanks to the wind. I’m not generally someone who is scared of the weather i.e. I love thunder and lightning but that was pretty bad on Tuesday night.

    I’ve always wanted Ribes and when I first moved here I looked everywhere for it but couldn’t find any. Of course now I’ve stopped looking, it has begun to pop up in shops over the last few years!


    1. I have always liked Ribes although it had a horrid smell of cat when the flowers are dying off. I had a beautiful pink variety in a previous garden called ‘Porky Pig’ but haven’t been able to find it since.


  4. It’s great to see things coming back in Spring, especially if you’d thought they’d had it! The colour of the Ribes is spectacular.


    1. Yes I am really proud of the Ribes except when it starts to get smelly. Such a pity a lovely shrub should end up smelling of cat.


  5. Lots of lovely colour in your garden! And not a weed in sight! We have had a rainy day here in Lincolnshire and apart from a quick dash to check the greenhouses, rain has stopped play!


    1. Any weeds were hoed within an inch of their life today!


  6. An exciting time of the gardening year seeing what has survived 🙂


    1. I get quite excited walking around the garden hunting for signs of life.

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