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Spring has Sprung

A little too late this morning for the solar eclipse, which in my part of the country was disappointing event due to heavy cloud, the finally sun appeared mid morning and it was a simply glorious day to do some gardening.  It was even warm enough just to wear a gillet. I hoed, edged, pruned and managed the first lawn mow of the year.  It was a very beneficial morning, not only for the garden but for me too.  Having been very low and negative for a while I perked up no end.  I even fell in love with my garden again.   It is very understandable that gardening is seen as therapeutic and seeing all the new buds on the shrubs and plants beginning to burst through the soil, it boosted my spirits no end. Last year I planted a whole heap of daffodil bulbs and was expecting a glorious display but since planting them I have had trouble with animals, cats and squirrels digging things up so what I do have I’m fairly happy with. The ones above are in the sunny border and are big and blousy.  The others around the garden are just about to flower and if we continue to have a sunny few days I think they will be out by the end of the weekend. The two shrubs that always herald spring, for me anyway, are the yellow of the Forsythia and the raspberry red of the Ribes.  Both are bursting with buds, with the Ribes being marginally ahead.

Ribes – flowering currant IMG_2223 Forsythia

The one very special plant I love to see every spring is the Peony with its red lipstick shaped shoots.  I spoke to it very nicely asking it to produce some flowers this year; it failed to flower last year.  There are a lot of Aqualegia dotted around and as I planted lots of new ones last year I hope they will come true to their variety.  Over the past years all the ones I did have reverted to pasty pink.

I am pleased to see the Astrantia has made it through to another year. IMG_2232 Last year I pruned the Montana Elizabeth a little too heavily and worried I may have killed it off.  Fortunately this is not the case, it is scrabbling over the shed and covered in tiny little buds. Followers of my blog may remember that I caretake the front garden as it is owned by the upstairs flat which is tenanted.  It has Just been re-let and new tenants are due in shortly.  I am hoping, as with previous tenants, they are not gardeners and more than happy for me to continue to look after it.   I gave it a bit of a tidy this morning and have moved into the back garden a number of the Day Lily offshoots.  It is looking healthier this year than I’ve seen for years and as it had spread considerably I thought I would dig some of it up before the tenants arrived.  After all it is a plant I put in, so I feel that’s only fair, don’t you?  It is a vibrant orange and will look good in the sunny border in my garden at the rear. Finally, I want to share the Kerria with you which is at the side of my bay window.  I love the button yellow flowers on this variety.


Happy gardening everyone!

14 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung”

  1. Oh my boggles – ONLY a gillett? Haven’t heard of that term! Anything else under or over it? eg gummies (gumboots) (Wellingtos in your language) undies dare I say? Still warm here and swimming although there is a definite drop in temp – even had 3/4 pants on the other day. Back to shorts today. Had some rain so driving back from Mangawhai today (a seaside holiday area) lovely estuary/harbour, surf, golden sands – was very beautiful countryside. The maize (corn) was being harvested for the cattle.The paddocks were surprizinly green, tho’ not vry high grass. Soil warm enough tho’ to keep growing for winter feed. Enjoy your bulbs.I have quite a lot popping up in their pots, the plant shops have bulbs on sale but it is better to wait until colder to plant.

      1. Can’t think what we call them. A bit of a uniform in the South Island, where it is colder. And if you went to the ‘right’ school you have your colllar up. Blouses also ‘collar up’ and a particular shade of pink lipstick! We have snobs here also, class system has filtered down from Britain a bit but not as bad!

  2. I know what you mean about falling in love again with the garden, as the plants start growing again and flowering, it is like welcoming old friends back into the garden.
    We had quite a good look at the eclipse, it was very misty earlier, but the mist thinned at just the right time !
    We eventually got rid of our forsythia, the bullfinches came every year and stripped the bush of every single bud !

  3. Oh, its definetely Spring there! Love the blooms, buds and sprouts!
    I have Daffodils blooming and Day Lilies coming up, but my Kerria is not yet beginning to bud.
    Have a wonderful week-end!
    Mississippi, USA

  4. It is amazing how a lovely Spring day like today can make you fall in love with your garden all over again. Yours is waking up nicely, Ronnie, and is way ahead of mine – my Ribes is still in tight bud. Like you, most of my aquilegias are far too promiscuous and end up all the same shade of washed out pink. I’m glad your Montana lives to fight another day – I have never yet succeeded in killing one even when I have tried my hardest!!

    1. I felt so much more positive about everything after a few hours in the garden. My Montana is going to be beautiful this year it is covered in buds…fingers crossed we don’t have any sharp frosts.

  5. “Button yellow” is a great description of the colour of kerria! It is funny, I didn’t use to like kerria but I have been won over by the clarity of the colour. You just have to be careful what you plant it with!

    1. It is in a safe part of the garden. However, I did try to grow one a few years ago with the hope it would grow high enough to act as a fence between me and my neighbour, but it died after two years, no idea why!

  6. Hi Ronnie,

    I’m pleased you’ve fallen in love with your garden again; yet to have that opportunity here. Although today was really rather warm, especially in the sun.
    The Eclipse here was OK, and it seemed as though the heavens opened up just slightly around the sun for a few minutes and we could see blue sky. It quickly clouded over again. But I did get to see it! An exciting few minutes at work (it went downhill from there).

    Must check our Forsythia for any fat buds…. In fact I think I’m due a good old look around this weekend to see what’s changed since last week. My mother reports her plum blossoms opening, so I must get over for some photos.

    1. Funny thing the British weather. It was so warm until mid afternoon then it turned really chilly. I’m glad it did the gardening today, I don’t think the weekend weather is going to be as good. Lucky you to actually see the eclipse. I watched it on TV and got very emotional!

  7. Your peony shoots are really striking.
    It’s been a fabulous day to be outside. Every morning now I’m noticing new things bursting out of buds and popping up through the soil. Great time of year!

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