A Beautiful Day in January

I love working part time, it means I get Monday and Friday off, so I can catch up with friends, projects and, of course, the garden.

This morning I woke to a very heavy frost outside, it looked like a thin layer of snow. As is the way of frosty starts it turned out to be a simply beautiful morning, bright blue sky and a sharp but refreshing chill. With no wind, it is an ideal day for pottering in the garden. The garden, however, is completely waterlogged and not at all conducive or indeed sensible to be doing a lot of walking around. I did a little hoeing to turn the soil and subsequent, with a little bit of hope, it might expose all those nasty slug and snail eggs to the next round of frost and kill them off.

As I wandered around the garden, despite the rain and frost, the strangest things are happening. I found a Japanese Anemone in flower.

In the summer, I grew Stock from seed, but disappointingly they failed to flower, until now.  Not what you would expect to see.  I’m glad I was being tardy and didn’t cut down the stems.

The Bay Tree is looking healthier than it has done for a while.

Whilst the Skimmia and Pieris are more than just shrubs covered in leaves and looking very pretty.


A few months ago I planted up a number of pots layered with bulbs and was a little concerned as they seemed to be shooting up rapidly. They have, fortunately, slowed down a bit, and today I found one Dwarf Reticulata Iris in bloom.  You can see the something is nibbling at the pansy leaves I’m hoping they will flower soon.

I can see most of my spring bulb pots from my kitchen window, and am looking forward to pots of wonderful spring colour whilst doing the washing up.

It’s always good to have something to look forward to.


  1. Isn’t it nice to be able to look out the window and see your plants? I would love to grow a bay tree, but I don’t think it would thrive in our zone. Can they be grown in pots? I’ve been enjoying your blog, mostly the gardening part, but also the crafts!


  2. Hi Ronnie, the Anemone is a surprise and you have more buds, I haven’t cut mine back yet in the hope they look lovely with frost on the seed heads, thats my story anyway! I look forward to bulbs appearing more than other plant, they are such a hopeful sign.


    • Hi Julie! I am always a bit lazy when it comes to cutting back the anemones. I usually find in the spring I can just pull up the dead stems from the base. I was surprised to see the stock in flower also.


  3. Iris Reticulata is my best favourite bulb, it is just glorious, and I bet it was lovely to welcome it in your garden!
    Silly anenome, what does it think it is doing ? A couple of my roses have been doing the same thing and sending out random blooms.


  4. I think I prefer Skimmia when it is at this stage, the buds are such a wonderful colour. It seems to lose it a bit when the flowers actually open. But you will have so much other colour when all those bulbs break out!


  5. You have lots of promise in your garden. The sun tempted me out today and I managed a bit of weeding with my friendly robin for company. Some of your flowers are a bit confused, I wonder why that happens? We have more crisp cold days forecast, but there is so much to do, just as well we have lots of layers to wrap up in!


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