Happy New Year 2015 Calendar

Hello all! Yes, I am still here and after two months thought it was time to dust off the cobwebs on the blog and make an appearance.

The run up to Christmas was taken up with knitting, crochet and sewing Christmas presents, which seemed to have taken up all my time. This meant that the garden, photography and consequently the Hurtled to 60 blog took a back seat.

I was spurred into action this morning when Dave Marsden’s latest post on his blog The Anxious Gardener popped into my inbox. Like a domino effect, he was spurred on by Christina’s blog My Hesperides Garden.

What better opening to 2015 than to show you all the calendar I made for my friends as Christmas presents. I have done this in the past and hadn’t realised that they had come to expect one. I didn’t make a 2014 calendar and a few friends expressed their disappointment so I rectified it for 2015.

As Dave remarked, it is time consuming choosing, and uploading to the online reproduction website, an appropriate photo for each month and whilst it’s satisfying to see the finished article, I always find some fault and wish I had done something slightly different.

Sending you all best wishes for a happy and healthy 2015 and thank you all for reading my blog in the past years and I hope you continue to follow it.

January – Skimmia berries under ice


February – Snowdrops, a wonderful post winter sign


March – Yes, chive flowers appeared in March


April – Lilacs in the Spring


May – Bees start to be busy


June – Beautiful roses made even more so when raindrops sit on the petals

July – Sweet Peas contrasting with Calendula


August – An abundance of raspberries


September – Butterflies making the most of Michaelmas Daisies


October – Cosmos and Verbena Bonariensis


November – Hydrangeas changing into their winter colours


December – Wonderful  Cyclamen

Last but not least – The Cover Photo


Watch this space for the next blog post, I’ll be showing what I have been up to in the past few months, whilst not blogging.


  1. The calendar is a great idea, I had one as a Christmas present from Youngest Daughter, full of twelve carefully chosen pictures she’d downloaded from my blog. 😀


  2. Smashing selection Ronnie. I didn’t do a calendar last year either and was a little surprised when people started to ask where their’s was. It is a little disappointing when a shot I’ve selected doesn’t quite match my expectations when printed. Looks fine on screen but …. Dave


  3. Good to have you back again. I’ve missed your blogs. I love your calendar and your choice of photos is perfect. Best wishes for 2015.


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