Autumn Colours – NT Property: Sheffield Park East Sussex

I am over a week late in posting this but several boxes of tissues, copious amounts of Vicks Vapour Rub and cough linctus I am now back in action.

Sheffield Park, East Sussex, is a National Trust property near Haywards Heath, West Sussex.   With its four lakes, Capability Brown and Repton influences and the River Ouse running through, it is a magnet at this time of the year for photographers.   The trees turn fabulous russets and on a still sunny day the reflections in the lakes are magnificent.

To appreciate it to the full, you really need it to be clear, no wind for the reflections and a blue sky for the contrasts of colour. Saturday the 1st of November was one such day when I went with my friend Kate to view the autumn shades.  We were there for several hours drinking in the views and colours, and in particular the Swamp Cypress which adds fabulous tones of rust and orange throughout the estate.

Rather than post a number of photos I have decided on this occasion to make a small movie for you to watch.  Somehow I believe it gives more of a feel of being there for you.   It’s just under 3 minutes long, so sit back and please enjoy.

The music is from the Ultimate Wellbeing Album and called “Fluorescent Glimmer” by Floetry Faction.


  1. How lovely and tranquil. Bev McConnell’s garden ‘Airlies’ – a Garden of National Significance in NZ – has a lovely lake with swamp cypress’s. It is a must see if ever in NZ – any time of the year – always gorgeous and something outstanding. Once I went on a misty winter/drizzly day and a gorgeous white magnolia was out – so ethereal! Her book is just fabulous also! Hope your tissues held out!


  2. Beautiful Ronnie – we went there the previous week but by the time we arrived, the blue sky and sunshine had gone, so we couldn’t capture the full effect of the colours in the sunshine or the reflections in the water as you’ve done. It was a weekday after half term but the place was completely rammed with visitors – well done them, they must be doing something right to achieve that result – other than maintaining those beautiful grounds that is 🙂


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