Digging into the October Archives

I took some photos of roses, scabious, and Dahlias this morning, all still blooming the garden.  This was with a view to a weekend post of photos to share with just a little writing.   To my great annoyance, and disappointment, something has gone wrong with the memory card and my PC wont read it.  Even worse when I put it back in my camera, a message flashes up “No SD card inserted”.  This is an 8GB memory card with loads of photos on it, so feeling pretty fed up as you can imagine.

It is a dreary, dank, damp day and has been like this on and off for a while now, however it’s not cold and we haven’t had any frosts yet in this South East corner of England.  Geared up to writing a post I thought I would look at October posts from earlier years and check out what the weather was like, amongst other things.

Blogs make a fabulous garden diary, as well as events and places I visited and this is an ideal opportunity to revisit posts I have published this time of the year.

25 October 2011

Post entitled:     An Almost Emily Pankhurst Moment (Click HERE to read)

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Oct 2011 – one of several trees in my street following a visit from the Councils “Arboriculture Department”.

I am delighted to say that three years on, this and the other trees in the road, survived their drastic treatment.  As I write this I am looking out of the lounge window and can see the tree is still covered in leaves and looking healthy.

23 October 2011

Still with trees, post entitled:  In Search of Autumnal Colour  (Click HERE to read)

Oct 2011: the slow start of autumn at Sheffield Park, East Sussex

 Sheffield Park is a National Trust garden in East Sussex.   From this time of year until all the leaves have fallen, you will probably have to fight your way through the other photographers to gain access for good photography material.   It is a breathtaking place to visit at any time of the year but autumn is exceptional

27 October 2012

Post entitled:       A Saturday Morning Woodland Walk Beats Housework  (Click HERE to read)

Fungi found in the woodland on the Angmering Estate West Sussex
Oct 2012: Fungi found in the woodland on the Angmering Estate West Sussex
Oct 2012: The Woodland Floor
Oct 2012: The Woodland Floor

Until I read this again, I had forgotten about this walk.  It was a lovely day with so much to photograph.  What rounded it off so well was a mid-afternoon pub meal in front of a roaring fire.   As for the housework, well who wants to re-arrange the dust when you can spend the day outside in the beautiful Sussex countryside.

21 October 2013

Post entitled:     A Visit to the Cotswolds and the Prettiest Villages  (Click here to read)

Oct 2013:  This is Castle Coombe.  A very pretty village which is used often for films and advertisements.
Oct 2013: This is Castle Coombe. A very pretty village which is used often for films and advertisements.

I didn’t write a later post in October 2013 after this one, but it’s only a week earlier.   This was a lovely, very special holiday and I was still having chemo so, not knowing what was in store for me, I was especially appreciating everything I could see and do.

25 October 2014

So here I am, almost two years on from being diagnosed with bowel cancer, and a sarcoma tumour in my stomach, two operations on and the accompanying chemo.  I have just had a CEA tumour marker blood test which has come back clear.  I can’t believe how very lucky I am when there have been many I have met who have sadly passed away through the evil that is Cancer.   I am acutely aware of others who are very sick bowel cancer and, of course, it brings me up short when famous people such as the actress Lynda Bellingham die all too soon.

I am pleased to be able to share the last three years with you and look forward to being able to write posts for many more years.

My mother always used an expression that I frequently repeat to myself these days:

There but for the grace of God go I.”

8 thoughts on “Digging into the October Archives

  1. My mum used to say the exact same phrase, and she always used to say “Why not me” instead of the plaintive “Why me ?”. Those parental voices still play in our minds as an accompaniment to our lives.
    I am so pleased that you have had such a positive outcome from your ill health.
    Blogs are such a useful record of so many things, and I have used mine to check out all sorts of things, the latest being , where the spring bulbs are planted, so that I know where to plant my new ones!


  2. Hi Ronnie, I hope you are able to resolve your memory card, its worth taking it in to a camera shop in case something can be done. I followed the link to your Almost Emiline Pankhurst post and enjoyed it very much, I would feel exactly same. I am glad to read of your recent blood test results too Ronnie, heres to many more years of your posts.


  3. Hi Ronnie,

    There are shops/programs that can recover the images off your card but are expensive so really it depends just how much you cherished the photos you had on there… It’s always a downer when it happens, but the way I see it is that there’s always opportunity for more photos and to make new memories.

    It’s wonderful to hear you’re doing so well and I hope you continue to do so for a long time to come 🙂


  4. So pleased to read your news Ronnie, with very best wishes for many happy and healthy years to come.


  5. i hope you continue in good health Ronnie i do enjoy reading your blog


    1. Thank you, that’s lovely to hear you enjoy my blog and thank you for your good wishes.


  6. Your photo card may have a tiny slider along one edge that locks the card. If so, you have to slide it down to unlock it so it can be read by your computer.


    1. Thank you I’ve taken a look and it is not there so appears to have snapped off 😒


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