Book Give Away and Review: “BREAD”

Now for something completely different.

In a bid to show that the Hurtled to 60 blog is more than just about gardens, I accepted the offer from Jacqui Small Publishers/ Quarto Publishing Group UK to review a pre-release copy of ‘BREAD’ by the professional baker and pâtissier, Dean Brettschneider.  Dean, amongst other things, is the founder of Baker & Cook, an artisan bakery chain and is a consultant for major supermarket chains in the uk,

Encouraged by programs such as The Great British Bake Off and the electric blue eyed, silver fox, masterbaker, Paul Hollywood, many are turning to, or thinking about, making our own bread.   Some of us are lucky enough to have an artisan baker nearby, but in the main if we want a rustic, healthy, loaf we bake at home.  There is nothing more evocative than the smell of home made bread.

Now look no further for an inspirational book.


This hardback book contains a collection of 60 recipes from all over the world, such as a delicious looking “Brie & Caramelised Garlic Pain Miche” with mouthwatering full page colour photographs.

image1 (800x598)

With comprehensive step-by-step guides on making and baking breads, clearly written and accompanied by detailed photographs, even I believe I could make a decent loaf.

image2 (800x591)

The chapters include recipes for Savoury Breads, Sourdoughs, Quick Breads & Scones.  The Sweet Breads chapter has tantalising recipes for Blueberry & Cranberry Bagels, Chocolate Kugelhopf and a heavenly looking Tarte Tropezienne, made with a brioche base and filled with Creme Pâtissière.  I am tempted by the Swedish Christmas Rye Crackers in the Festive Breads chapter.

image3 (800x593)

When I Googled Dean Brettschneider, I saw that “Bread” was published in New Zealand on 24 July.   It  is due to be published in the UK on 16 October 2014.  Win a pre-release copy before the 16 October by entering into the Book Give Away competition.  You can do this by leaving a comment to say you wish to be entered into the draw.   As usual this is open only to those with a UK address.


I will announce the winner on Thursday 9 October 2014.  If you are unlucky in the draw or live abroad all is not lost.  Jacqui Small Publishers have a reader’s offer:

To order Bread at the discounted price of £20.00 including p&p* (RRP: £25.00), telephone 01903 828503 or email and quote the offer code APG232. 
*UK ONLY – Please add £2.50 if ordering from overseas.


  1. I would like to be entered into the draw please. Your pie book is fab, I am sure this is fab too! Would love to check it out.


  2. a fantastic book, I have only made bread once and I’m not sure people was over interested in it.. I’d love to try more recipes.. please enter me into the prize draw thanks


  3. I’m jumping at this chance to enter the draw. Dean seems a real talent to watch, with genuine passion too -shines out of his twitter feed. I’m poised to re-enter baking my own bread in a new home after too long, so keeping my fingers firmly crossed!


  4. Hi Ronnie – am still trying to perfect the skill of making a loaf that remains edible once it has cooled down – mine tend to turn into concrete blocks once the warmth has gone. Looks like a good way to learn if my methods can be pulled back from the brink. Please add me to the, probably, very long list of hopefuls to win the give away book. By the way, your reviews seem to gathering momentum – they are coming in thick and fast – gold star to you 🙂


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