In a Vase Monday

I love the idea of the weekly meme “In a Vase Monday” run by Cathy at Rambling In the Garden and despite all my good intentions to be a regular contributor I have failed to do so. This week I am putting that right.

It is becoming more difficult as autumn draws near to collect flowers for posies to show indoors. I find now that I am suffering from the conflict between do I leave the few remaining flowers in the garden, or do I enjoy them in the lounge before they finish completely and the winter months leave us flowerless. All is not lost though, we can make up for this with coloured branches of evergreens and berries so there will be many weeks and months ahead for In A Vase Monday.

I wandered around the garden this morning viewing the bedraggled floral remains, looking sad and dropping under the recent rain. Yes we have had some rain! In the bottom flowerbed stands a dahlia plant with one solitary magenta flower, the size of a saucer, which I decided to being into the lounge where I can see and admire it on a regular basis.

The next step was to find a suitable vase. The single stem is not very long and the flowerhead is heavy, so the right size and shape was a challenge. Also I wanted a vase that would be in keeping with the colour of the dahlia flower. As I scanned the array of various shapes and sizes on the top of my kitchen cabinet my eyes fell upon a vase I bought from Spain many years ago. It needed a bit of dusting off as I don’t use it very often, I have no idea why as it’s a rather nice one, and it has colourful dahlia type flowers painted on it.

Here we are then, this is my In A Vase On Monday.

Thank you Cathy for hosting this meme. Please pop over to her blog to see the other contributions.


  1. Your stunning dahlia looks like it was grown especially for the vase. Like you, I had trouble deciding what to cut and what to leave this week for just the same reasons … so I decided to leave the roses alone for a while yet.


  2. Great choice! what is the meaning of vase? I did Ikebana and we used all sorts of containers to hold water – or float etc so won’t necessarily heed a long stork. Looking to seeing all sorts of lovely autumn leaves, berries, grasses, seeds etc as we are in spring and omg a lovely sunny day! Weeds look out you are going to be attacked today. Had yuk week last week so no gardening. Went down to Wellington in plane to see WOW (World of Wearable Art) World class show – do google, just incredible, entries from all over the world. Makes Cirque di soliel look like a small village show! amazing dancing, colour, music and of course the amazing garments!


  3. Oh a most apt vase for a dahlia Ronnie – they look as if they were meant for each other. I’m glad to read that there has been rain somewhere. We are desperately short of the wet stuff in the north west which is most unusual.


  4. And what better way to enjoy a single dahlia than in a bright vase like this – thanks for sharing it. I too am rediscovering vases and other receptacles I had ‘forgotten’ I had!


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