Getting Ready For Spring

Anyone who watches Monty Don on Gardeners World will know all too well how much he likes a bargain and that he frequently harps on about how cheaply he had bought a plant etc. Well, he will be proud of my budget spring bulb pot.

In last Friday’s program he planted up a spring bulb pot, layering bulbs so they come through at different times. Armed with ideas, on Saturday I trotted off to Wilkinsons (Wilko) with my shopping trolley. Last year I traded in my car for a trolley so I am limited as to what I can buy and where I can shop. It’s a good thing really, if I went to a garden centre or local nursery I would be tempted to buy more than I really needed. My bank balance is very much happier!

I remembered to check the back of the bulb packs to ensure that I bought bulbs that will come through at the correct time. There is no point in planting early flowering tulips and adding late flowering daffodils on top, they will come through in the wrong order. I also bought a bag of bulb fibre. It’s amazing how much you get into a shopping trolley.

Today I ferreted around in the garden for a decent sized pot, emptied it out and after giving it a good clean I started to plant up. First were the tulips. Spoilt for choice I eventually went for a double pink called Angelique.

Followed by a layer of soil, I then planted a bright, happy, narcissi called Tazetta Scarlet Gem. I was looking for Tete-a-Tete (which is what Monty used) but I couldn’t find any.

Another layer of soil was followed by a dwarf blue iris called Reticulata Gordon. At 15 for £2 if they all come up they will look lovely.

Finally the pot was topped off with blue and purple pansies. I thought this was a great idea, then you don’t have a bare pot to look at through the winter months. The pansies were tiny plug plants for 24 for £3.50 I bought a week ago. I used a lot of them in a hanging basket by the front door and was wondering what to do with the remainder, so was pleased with their final home.

I am being positive that although they were cheap bulbs, they will all come through. Now tucked in a sheltered place on the patio, in view of my kitchen window, I have a lovely pot of spring bulbs to look forward to and an abundance of happy pansy faces to look at while I wait.


  1. Hi Ronnie,

    Cheap bulbs are just as good tbh, the only thing might be that they don’t last as long – i.e. come back as many years. but tbh Tulips are poor repeat anyway so often need buying fresh each year anyway.
    I always layer my pots like this – bulbs below and plants on top so we get nice early interest. It works using perennials on top too. Only thing is you’ll have to refresh the pot every 2-4 years as the bulbs will eventually die/be eaten by pests so slowly dwindle away. I’ve bought in my bulbs already; I buy in bulk and ordered a few hundred – maybe a thousand – with the intention of having moved by now… But such is life so I’m not sure what to do with them all! I’ll probably end up planting them at my parent’s.


    • Yes, I have found they don’t always return. Last year I bought a lot of daffy from Wilko but only a few came up! but that could just have been where I planted them. I have ordered a lot of bulbs from Parkers, it was weeks ago and they are yet to arrive. However the ground is so hard I won’t be able to dig down to plant them yet any way, much more rain is required.


  2. I watched Monty doing a lasagne pot too and just envied the tidy almost Kitchen like working space he has to prepare everything. Your choices sound lovely Ronnie and a bargain too!


  3. They should be great. I usually pot up bulbs in the same way, but add crocuses or anemones to the top layer. You can also use dwarf daffodils too. Didn’t do any last year as I thought I’d be moving, but that didn’t happen. Maybe I’ll chance a couple of pots this year as they do look awfully pretty in spring.


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