Weekly Photo Challenge : Containers

My first thought of a subject for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge theme “Containers” was the variety of pots I have in the garden.  Most of the time I am busy taking photos of  plants and flowers so the containers they are in go unnoticed.

I love photos of other gardeners unusual and original containers, such as wheelbarrows, watering cans and Wellington boots and ask myself why I am not so artistic.  I will have to try a bit harder.

There are some beautifully ageing terracotta pots dotted around my patio, including this Long Tom in which I am growing sweet peas.

image (6) (783x1024)

The reverse of showing off containers is hiding them.

The large water butt outside my kitchen door is well camouflaged in the summer by a Passion Flower.

image (731x1024)

Sometimes I try to co-ordinate the colour of the plant with the pot and this was successfully managed with a Blue Fescue Grass in a blue ceramic pot.

image (8) (756x1024)

Once I started on the theme of containers, I remembered a small collection of jugs I have which I use for flowers from the garden.  This small posy containing Verbena Bonariensis, Calendula, Dahlia, Astilbe, Penstemon and a Fennel seed head was picked this morning.

image (4)

When not gardening, I am an avid knitter and can’t resist buying yarns; for me a wool shop is like a sweet shop to a child.  It does mean that I have a number of projects on the go and waiting in the wings.   At the moment I have three large plastic containers, separated into a stash of new yarns, unused left over balls of yarn and half used balls being saved for any odd project that might crop up.  No doubt one day they will all be used up.



There are always  many contributors to the Weekly Photo Challenge and last time I looked for this week’s theme they numbered almost 300.  Every one of them is an original take on  Containers.  Click HERE to  pop over there and take a look, you will be impressed!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Containers

  1. The pot with the flowers painted is pretty.


  2. Yvonne Ryan Matakatia Whangaparaoa Auckland New Zealand July 20, 2014 — 11:39 pm

    I like your contaiers – sooooo glad you don’t have an old boot – they are as twee as gnomes – yuk!


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