A Grannie’s Book Dilemna

I have grown up loving books and as a child and teenager I couldn’t have had a better birthday or Christmas present than being given a book.  That love has remained with me and I still have a sense of excitement to have a book as a present.

When my daughters were young I bought them many books on the assumption that they too would be book lovers.  I believe they are, either that or they were very good at hiding their disappointment at being given yet another book.

Now I am a Grannie, I have been drawn back into the world of children’s books, especially when book companies leave their wares at work. I have to be very controlled otherwise I would be buying books all the time. Christmas and birthdays are a great excuse to go buying, and I am firm in the belief that children can never have too many books.

It is my grandson’s birthday at the weekend and he will be 8! In order to find something to catch his imagination and after a little hunt around the internet I found and bought ‘101 Things for Kids To Do Outside’ by Dawn Isaac. 20140714-174604-63964234.jpg

It arrived on Monday and on looking at it I feel so inspired to do a lot of the ideas myself. It is packed with great photos, instructions and the all necessary safety advice. The first thing I am going to do is plant a mobile garden using an old wheelbarrow.

Mobile herb garden 2

A brilliant idea especially when you can then wheel it into a shady area when away and not able to water regularly.

Mobile herb garden 3 (1)

There is no surprise the book is packed with ideas for things to make in the garden, not only is Dawn Isaac garden designer, and writer, she is a mother of three, and the horticultural adviser for a CBeebies program. She has a blog called ‘Little Green Fingers’ (www.littlegreenfingers.com) which is an excellent port of call for any adult in need of ideas to occupy children. Another project on my to do list will be making a wreath, which is something I have never done. This one looks so pretty and there is no shortage of ivy in my garden.

Weave a wreath 1

Mine would be for a door, although the thought of wearing it on my head is tempting – all I would need then is a pair of wings!

Weave a wreath 2

Of course, it is not all ideas for garden makes, the Bear Hunt idea is something I will be doing next time my grandchildren come to visit.  I loved the photos of the teddies hiding in the trees and behind pots.

I could wax lyrical for ages, telling you about making a rain gauge, giant bubbles and flower fairies, with interesting and varied things for boys and girls,  but that would spoil the book for you.  I now have the dilemma of keeping it for use when my grandchildren come to stay or buying a second copy!

This is a fabulous book for any child of any age up to and including grandparents.

Thank you Dawn for providing me with excellent photographs which are copyright to Will Heap/Kyle Books.

101 Things For Kids To Do Outside by Dawn Isaac is published by Kyle Books (www.kylebooks.com) at £14.99.

2 thoughts on “A Grannie’s Book Dilemna

  1. What fun! Why should kids have it all I am off to find some ivey and make a wreath now! Books are special and Kindles and so forth can never take their place I don’t think. Where’s the feel of shiny pages or rough paper, the smell of print and with old books the sense of history who else has held this book and did they enjoy it too… I could go on. We are avid readers here!


  2. hi ronnie…i was very pleased to read your posts about books…the other day at a and w, we noticed a sweet teenage girl with her head buried in a book…we mentioned to her that it was a nice thing to see…so few people are reading books!…when i went to high school it was required that we read about five books a term and we had to write book reports on them…you now what ronnie?..i read a book a day and i loved it…i hope that your grandchildren will get a love of books too….through your encouraging them….i will be back i have something to do at the moment….love terry


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