Bumble Bee Filling His Boots with Pollen

The bumble bees have been busy today and are so engrossed in filling up with pollen they have totally ignored me clicking away at them with my camera.

I watched one bee in particular as he made his way around all the Astrantia blooms and  his little legs were puffing up with yellow pollen until they looked fit to burst.   In months to come I hope someone will be eating Sussex Honey that has some Astrantia pollen from my garden.

I am quite taken with Windows Movie Maker and, until the novelty wears off, I have put together a few photos into a 1 minute film with Flight of the Bumble Bee by James Galway as the background music.


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6 thoughts on “Bumble Bee Filling His Boots with Pollen

  1. Lovely photos. My lavender is completely covered with bees at the moment. They’re doing a grand job with the peppers and tomatoes as well.


  2. I loved the movie and the very appropriate music, he was a very busy bumble bee and so loaded up with pollen! As I type, I’m watching the butterflies all over the lavender flowers just outside the window – isn’t nature wonderful?


  3. I love watching bumble bees – when I have scabiosa (spelling?) they are still busy on it nearly dark!


  4. My daughter has made several family films with movie maker, its great fun. Lovely to see so many bees on your Astrantia too.


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