Weekly Photo Challenge : Spring (Tree Peonies)

What a great challenge!  My library is full of photos full of Spring flowers that I have recently taken.   The Weekly Photo Challenge is “What does Spring mean to you”.   Daffodils, primroses, bluebells and forget-me-nots are all signs of Spring.   However the one flower I always get excited to see is the Tree Peony.   My one greatest wish is to have a garden large enough to have at least one Tree Peony.

We have a popular garden in Worthing that is lovingly cared for by the Local Authority – Highdown Gardens.   It has a fabulous variety of Tree Peonies and this afternoon I paid a visit with my camera.  I was almost too late,  it is a very sheltered place and the Tree Peonies were just going over, but still looking great.  Some of the blooms are the size of dinner plates, and all were a wonderful selection of colours.









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8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Spring (Tree Peonies)

  1. I love your photos in this post! Absolutely stunning. Hope things are well with you.


  2. These are a beautiful set of photos, well done. They petals look very soft and delicate, but I guess that’s the beauty of nature. I’ve never tried growing a peony tree before. But like growing any other plant, that takes time and effort. You sound dedicated and determined enough, so good luck with that 🙂


  3. Exquisite blooms!


  4. The peony flowers are so beautiful, and a welcome sign of spring. I hope that one day your wish to have a garden big enough to have a Tree Peony (or more), comes to fruition, they are stunning!


  5. Lovely photos of some spectacular flowers ! Love every single one of those colours. I was lucky enough to be given a tree peony which my aunt grew from seed … trouble is, it is a very acidic yellow, which is far from my favourite colour !! Still, beggars can’t be choosers I suppose !


  6. Barbara Lawler May 5, 2014 — 8:48 pm

    Aren’t they gorgeous I think my favourite is the red one . I have just planted one in my garden called Clair de Lune it will remind me of my late father in law . He used to play Clair de Lune on the piano I think it was his favourite tune .


    1. What a lovely way to remember your late FiL.


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