Showing off the Irises!

This year the Dutch Irises in the front garden are splendid and have produced more flowers than in years before.   This is very heartening because they are a favourite of the resident snails.  Followers of my blog will be bored by now with my incessant moaning about the damage to the garden caused by snails.

As I left the house last week my heart sank to find several stems eaten through.

photo (3) (1024x765)

However, with a great deal of spraying with a mild ammonia mix (1:10) and picking them off at every opportunity, there is now a fabulous Iris display which I am very proud of.   I love the way the purple flower unwraps itself from its white sheath.

Iris 1



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4 thoughts on “Showing off the Irises!

  1. I ended up having a huge clump of two different colours in my Mt Eden garden – from just a few in a pot to start with before popping in garden – at rear because of long leaves. I dug them up and potted them to take with me but not bulked up yet – maybe this year. I had snails and slugs bad but I can’t seem to remember them on on Irises! I also go out at night with a torch and squash the little b..g…s! Lovely autumn day here after a big blow thru’ yesterday. Garden club is visiting Wilson Home for rehbilitation, children – on a lovely clifftop property in Takapuna. So beautiful and tranquil, Then coffee at a famous cafe nearby.


  2. Your Irises really are beautiful; you should indeed feel proud of them! It makes me think I would love some in this garden too.


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