The Wonderful Macmillan Nurses

Macmillan Cancer Support nurses are wonderful people!   They have been a great support to me and my daughters over the last year, following my diagnosis of bowel cancer in February 2013.   When I ended up in the Intensive Care Unit at the local hospital with sepsis, they spent time on the phone talking to the family to explain what was happening and why.  

I am one of the lucky ones, fortunately, after the necessary chemotherapy, I had a clear CT scan this February.  There are many who are still fighting cancer and continue to have the support needed.   I was speechless to discover that the two ColoRectal Macmillan nurses who were helping me  job shared and had about 240 patients between them.    Yet they always made time to speak to me, even if I did have to leave a message for them to call me. 

There are only just over 3,500 Macmillan Nurses who helped 598,568 people in 2012, clearly more are needed.   Macmillan fund their nurses for the  first three years and after that time the long-term funding is taken up by the NHS or other partner organisations.  

Macmillan funding is almost entirely through donations and fund raising events, in fact 97% of their income is through supporters of Macmillan.

One such event is their MACMILLAN NIGHT IN on the 16 May 2014.  The idea is to have a great night in with your friends, and donate the money you would have spent if you went out to Macmillan.   What better way of raising money for a good cause.  

How about it?   Sign up HERE for your Macmillan Night In.

3 thoughts on “The Wonderful Macmillan Nurses

  1. How are you feeling nowadays?


    1. Sorry for late reply! Yes I’m doing well thanks. Fingers crossed it continues 😄


  2. They are wonderful people and this is a great fundraising idea for a very worthwhile cause.


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