Sunday Blues

No, not a post about depression!

I have been making the most of the lovely sunny, and warm, weather this morning and working in the garden.  I nearly wrote “pottering” but it was more than that – there are a lot of things to do now.  Clearing away weeds, trying to remember what is planted where so that anything coming up is not discarded to the compost.  Is that just me or do others have that problem too?

Probably due to the very wet weather, and the consequences of sodden heavy clay,  I have lost a lot of plants which is sad, the Phlox is missing now and I am not sure if the Alstroemeria are going to appear this year, I would have thought I might have seen some shoots by now.    However, it does make room for new plants so all is not lost in the big scheme of things. I don’t have as many Aquilegia either but that’s no great shame as they had all turned pink last year so need replacing anyway.

Why Sunday Blues you might be asking by now?  It is because the garden is taking on a blue tinge and I thought it might be a good starting point for some Sunday photos.

The Forget-me-nots are now creating a lovely haze across the borders.  Although the true blue ones are in a minority, there are a lot of pinky/blue shades this year.



In among the base of the rose bushes lovely little violets are making an appearance again.   The garden was full of these pretty little flowers when I moved in 14 years ago and they continue to please every year.



Last but not least is the Grape Hyacinth Muscari which seem to produce a lot of very untidy raggy leaves and few flowers but I am always happy to see them.




If I look at the base of the leaves, I can see the bluebells are just about to come out also but not for about a week or two.

Today, Sunday 30th March is Mothering Sunday in the UK and I am off to see my Mum this afternoon so no more gardening for me today.   I have had cards from my daughters and my eldest sent me some Champagne Truffles, (my favourite chocs) and handcream which I can never have enough of.

Have a wonderful Sunday whatever you are doing and best wishes to you all!

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  1. Hi! Have thought of you often over the winter as the Thames and her fragility have caused havoc on the roads! 😉 Even on my bike found myself in a ‘puddle’ that was too deep to peddle in! Lovely Mother’s Day post … and very cheering with its Blue-ness xx


  2. Oh how I identify with not remembereing where things are!
    Been in garden all day, getting a headstart on weeds and mint.
    How blessed we have been with the weather.


  3. I also loved it when my for-get-menots were in a blue haze and hated it when I pulled them out and left such bare spaces for a while. We have been having an Indian summer and still heaps of people swimming at the beaches. I have’nt for 2 weeks as wrecked my knee and was a bit dicky with ten min walk and then over soft white sand at Omaha at weekend. Tues I move back to my apartment and has 20m pool, solar heated SO back in the water there. Yea! Have checked all my plants, broms etc are still ok!


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