Signs of Spring: February 2014

Despite a really strong wind, the sky is blue, the sun is shining and more important it is NOT RAINING!!  I grabbed the moment this morning to check the garden for any wind damage and take a view on what is surviving the wet and wind.   We are in the first week in February, and bar one or two days have avoided heavy frosts and it is still relatively mild, so everything is slightly confused.  There are signs of Spring around

I found a primrose in flower growing happily under a Spirea shrub, albeit being nibbled by something.  This happens every year and I am yet to find out who or what the culprit is.


I wandered around to find anything else that was looking Spring like but there was nothing much in the back garden.  The Ribes is just about to bud as is the Forsythia so there will be a photo opportunity for them in a couple of weeks.   The Sedum caught my eye.  I love the way the new rosettes nestle at the base of the previous years growth …

_DSC0876 (1024x683)

…and the raindrops tucked in the new growth.


The front garden is a different matter.  It is full of snowdrops which I see every time I look out of the lounge window.


Strange  how simple thing can excite me, I was delighted to see that flowerbed under the lounge window seems to think that Spring has arrived.  There are narcissus almost out.

_DSC0862 (1024x683)

The Kerria has tiny little yellow buds appearing.  To dispel any confusion this stem was tucked behind the Buddleia, which is the leaf you can see in the photo.


I even have some tulips coming through, although I am not sure how they will make it because, as with the primrose, something is nibbling at the leaves.


As I returned to the back  garden, I inspected the side garden which is full of daffodils and bluebells just poking their way through – way behind the daffs in the front garden and not very exciting to photograph so I gave them a miss.

The Pieris Forest Flame  is covered in buds.  This plant is in a very large pot and battered by the wind as it blows down the ide of the house but would seem to be holding its own, despite being blown over several times just lately.

_DSC0871 (1024x683)

I can’t leave this post without including a couple of photos of the Hellebores growing contentedly under the Choisya.  It doesn’t seem to like to spread itself but it has been there for many years.

_DSC0877 (1024x683)


The soil is so wet the weeds are having a great time, but it is also making it easier to dig them out as their roots are not gripping their surroundings.  I have removed lots of dandelions this morning, so before the next tranche of rain, due this afternoon, I have had a beneficial morning.

What are the signs of Spring in your garden?

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  1. I just discovered you site this evening and hopped over to visit. I enjoyed this piece so very much. I’m not a gardener and do not do well with plants of any kind. However, I admire those people who do — my mother as terrific with them and created some of the most gorgeous gardens and rock gardens when she was alive.

    One of the things I enjoyed so much about this piece is that your writing and descriptions sound so much like those of English author “Miss Read” (Dora Saint) in her Thrush Green and Fairacre novels. You’re no doubt familiar with her work. She’s gone from us now, of course, but I still read her books almost continuously — again and again — because I enjoy them so much. Your piece here was almost like a fresh segment from one of her books.


  2. Beautiful signs of Spring in your garden!
    Daffodil buds and Hellebores buds here (Mississippi, USA), but weather forecast is for rain, turning to sleet, and then snow.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!


  3. Hope spring comes warmly for you. Here in Auckland been ‘bitty’ this last week, wind, no wind,gales, heavy rain (needed – especially at two daughters who live at seaside for their tanks) very hot today. Unfortunately the tide isn’t in till 8pm tonight so can’t go for a swim! Get up early tomorrow morning?I am at no 5 daughters amongst tree ferns and huge native bush, beautiful and many native birds, kereru swooping (native pigeon) tuis singing, and fantails flitting and of course the native owl Morepork calling ‘more pork’ at night.


  4. Enjoyed my ‘walk’ round your garden to find signs of spring. I too took opportunity this morning to go and see what was happening and do a bit of tidying up (before it rains, again). The primroses were full of flowers this time last year but sadly not this year. One (one!) snowdrop has decided to put in an appearance, the Tete a tete are growing well and have spread and the small clumps of Hellebores are now flowering nicely – not much else to report, apart from very soggy borders! But at least we are not under water here.


  5. Hi Ronnie,

    Lovely to see you have signs of spring, just waiting for the weather to finally pick up! So frustrating at the moment. This past week has been mostly OK here, some rain yes but also quite a lot of sun. Unable to get into the garden still though because I don’t want to damage the clay soil… But the sun is tempting me out for photos!

    Our Primrose is still very small; perhaps the only thing behind previous years. Normally I too would have blooms but it’s a long way off still.


  6. Here too (Belgium) we get lots of signs of Spring, I just hope Winter will stay away otherwise we’ll have a lot of damage in the garden ! I hope you are not in a flooded area ! I’ve seen the flooding in the UK, what a disaster !!!


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