Wordless Wednesday 24 July 2013






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  1. Hi Ronnie,

    Lovely Agapanthus, mine hasn’t bloomed this year. I knew it was just a fluke when it bloomed for the first time last year… Took 6/7 years to do so and now we’re back to only foliage once more.

    Haven’t had Passionflower for a few years… Perhaps it’s time to get another!


    • This white agapanthus didn’t flower last year but the blue one was prolific. This year the blue one has only two sparse flower heads but the white one is looking fabulous. I have one solitary Passion flower just in time for wordless Wednesday but there ate lots of buds so plenty of photo material.


      • Hi,

        I lost my two whites ones I bought in the snow earlier this year. They were less than a year old so probably not yet fully accustomed to the garden. But the other has survived many types of weather and always comes up but just never seems to be happy enough to produce blooms (other than last year even though it was ridiculously wet)

        My passionflower also probably died in a harsh winter a few years ago when we had something like 17inches of snow. Haven’t bothered since, but I also don’t think I’ve seen one anywhere to pick up.


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