My Front Lawn has Become a Wildflower Meadow

Because I am still having to be careful with heavy duty exercise post-op, I have not been mowing the front lawn on a regular basis.  Actually I gave it what I thought was a gentle mow a few weeks ago and suffered for it, so have left it since.   It’s a rough old bit of grass, not in the least bit lush and bakes most of the day in the sunshine (when the sun is out of course).

Guess what!  The grass has hardly grown but what has appeared, along with lots of daisies, is Bugle Ajuga.  The lawn has turned itself into a carpet of purple and white.  I’ve since been told by those who know that what is growing in the lawn is a herb called Prunella Vulgaris

_DSC0487 (1024x683)

This wild-flower is most often found in semi-shaded, moist conditions but can also sometimes be seen in sunny damp meadows.  I am surprised to have it growing on my front lawn and not entirely sure where it has come from.   It is low growing, not the tall 6 inch spires that can be seen on wildflower websites.       Prunella is also known as Selfheal and attracts bees and wasps. 

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However, the bees and butterflies love it, It looks so pretty, my very own wildflower meadow.

_DSC0488 (1024x936)

So I am sorry neighbours, I will NOT be mowing my law for a while now.   Enjoy the colour and appreciate the wild life it will attract.

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6 thoughts on “My Front Lawn has Become a Wildflower Meadow

  1. I’m so pleased that someone else has the ‘problem’ of this flower in their lawn. We have hardly any grass now: it has been taken over by coltsfoot and clover. Now we have the added attraction of my favourite colour! I am pleased that it serves a useful, as well as aesthetic, purpose.


  2. Hi Ronnie,

    I think your plant is actually selfheal or Prunella Vulgaris – I also get it in my lawn at this time of year too. Bugle tends to bloom earlier in the year and will have finished by now.

    Either way it’s lovely anyway, and at the moment mine combines with the white Clover (only have the one Daisy, it never seems to multiply). Blooming lawns are far more attractive than sterile ‘boring’ lawns imo 😉
    Of course, leaving the lawn is also much better for wildlife, not only the Bees but also flies lay their eggs in the grass, providing food for birds.


  3. What is a weed – I was indundated with wild forget me nots and even though I pulled a lot I had a fantastic display. What a lovely lawn, hooray for the ‘weeds’. Same here with the flower beds this year. Chris


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