An Amazing Rose : 2 July 2013

I am well aware that I have written a few posts about roses lately but they are so breathtaking at the moment, I just have the need to share them with you.

This is the most amazing rose I think I have ever grown.  It is supposed to be Silver Jubilee but I suspect the label is wrong.  I am still waiting for a rose aficionado to tell me if it really is a Silver Jubilee and if not what it is called. 

It doesn’t detract from its beauty though.   It changes tones as it developes, starting with a yellow bud, opening into a yellow rose with a pink edging and progresses to a mainly pink rose with a yellow middle.  It is also quite a large bloom with a very faint delicate perfume.  

I am bowled over by it and every time I go out into the garden, I stand looking at it, mesmerised.  

The photos in today’s post were taken this morning.   You can see the difference in the shading from the top photo to the bottom photo.   I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I think this is just fabulous. 

Rose mosaic (905x1280)

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7 thoughts on “An Amazing Rose : 2 July 2013

  1. stunning, I too also though silver jubilee was a pink one as we had a ‘hedge’ of them at my parents home.


  2. Whatever it is it is a beauty.


  3. It’s beautiful. I thought that Silver Jubilee was a pink – but I could be confusing it with something else.


    1. That is why I’m confused, the label says silver jubilee and shows a pink rose, when I googled it the description doesn’t match the rose i have so I think it had the wrong label. I’d love to know what it it is though.


      1. It’s a little like Masquerade, but the blooms seem bigger. Hope you can find out.


        1. I’ve just trolled through some rose websites and beginning to think my rose may be a Chicago Peace, it certainly fits the description.


  4. It is stunning and I would be in awe if it were blooming so beautifully in my garden…our tropical weather has stopped some roses and encouraged others to bloom.


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