A Spot of Light Relief and a Little Creative Writing

I has been eight weeks since I left work and six weeks today since my operation and the eviction of Eric. At the moment I am in limbo; still waiting for a start date for the chemotherapy, getting bored and frustrated at being unable to plan things in advance. Don’t get me wrong, I know there is always something to be done in the home or in the garden, but I am still limited to light duties. I need to get out of the house, mix with other people and have light hearted conversations. Last week I found it was 9:30 before I even started to venture out of bed and half the morning had gone before I was washed, dressed and fit to be seen. I suffered from a dreaded daily thought of “So what do I do today?”

Monday morning I decided enough was enough, I needed to be pro-active. I remembered website called CancerWise and which I had initially dismissed it because it was not local. It is a drop in centre providing information, emotional support and practical advice to help cope with cancer in day to day life. On offer are complimentary therapies, such as reiki, reflexology, and acupuncture to name but a few. CancerWise also provide space for group meetings ranging from art groups, a book club, and creative writing. Now, I liked the sound of creative writing, it would give me something else to focus on and get the grey matter working again.

After a phone call I had arranged to visit and register and I caught the train to Chichester, a 25 minute journey. Thanks to my Senior Citizen Rail Card my return fare was only £5.40, you couldn’t drive to and park in Chichester for that. Tavern House is close to the station and I found a lovely relaxing and reassuring place with happy, understanding people. It wasn’t packed, there were just a few there but they understood the emotions a cancer sufferer goes through, they were all at different stages and some had come through the other side. There was laughter, comfortable chairs and tea and biscuits.

I am booked in for reflexology on Wednesday morning, at no charge, save for a donation. I also had a short chat with one of the counsellors and after some unexpected tears and admitting I was more worried about the effect my cancer is having on my daughters than me and the guilt this is carrying with it, she decided that a spot of counselling might help, so I am going back next week to see her.

Today was creative writing, so I went back at lunchtime to join in the group. We wrote three short stories, reading each one out as we completed them. The first prompt was a sentence to incorporate into a piece of writing. This is my first piece of creative writing for many a year, it’s only a piece of fun but I wanted to share it with you. The prompt sentence is on bold.


I Had It All Planned

I left the hospital with a list of does and don’ts, “don’t carry heavy bags”, “walk 15 to 20 minutes a day”. Oh dear, 15 to 20 minutes, where can I walk to make this an interesting daily peramble. Then I remembered a row of local shops with one particular corner shop that sold pet food and plants. Sorted, that’s where I’ll go and with a reason for going there.

How silly! I got carried away and came back carrying heavy bags, having bought more than I had expected. Not what the doctor ordered.

A few months ago I sold my car, don’t ask why, I am asking myself the same question at the moment. Am I consigned to carrying bags from the shop from now on? The simple solution was a shopping trolley! My friend offered me hers, which she bought and has never used. Now this bag is something to be seen, it is pink with flowers and pink plastic wheels – tres chic. It is just the thing and when friends laugh at me exclaiming “You have trolley, but only old ladies have them!” My reply to them is –

It wasn’t sudden for me, I have been mulling it over for ages and have had it all planned.


  1. You are so good at being positive; you maybe don’t think you are but getting the train and doing SOMETHING isn’t easy. My very good wishes for all you do, do keep posting your ‘writing’ the little story was perfect and made me smile. thank you. Christina


  2. I think talking to that lady at Cancerwise and getting some counselling is just what you need. I spent 6 months worrying about Mum and Dad etc etc when my sister died and suddenly it got too much and just talking to someone who didnt know me or my family who I could say whatever I wanted to no matter how shocking it might be was fantastic. It was exactly what I needed, like I was given permission to be say what I was really thinking, which we dont always do with family


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