Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – 15 June 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is a meme run by May Dreams Garden in which we are invited to share what is blooming in our gardens on the 15th of each month. The last time I took part in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day was November 2012.   It is a joy to be able to show off what is blooming in my garden in the middle of June.

Rather than bombard you with lots to read,  here is a selection photographs of the flowers in the garden today, with short captions.

DSC_0143 (1024x683)

DSC_0154 (1024x683)

Allium – these have been a great success this year.

DSC_0129 (1024x683)

Peony – this is the one solitary flower on a plant with a lot of leaves, but at least it flowered this year.  It let me down last year and failed to flower at all.

DSC_0121 (1024x683)


Hardy Geraniums (Cranesbill) – I have several varieties, different shapes and colours ranging from pale pink through to deep blue.


Ceanothus (Californian Lilac) – a mass of blue flowers and attracting every bee in the neighbourhood.

GBBD 15 June3 (724x1024)

Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) – already its perfume is heady in the evenings.

GBBD 15 June2 (724x1024)

Fuchsia (Mrs Popple) – this is a healthy hardy fuchsia that never fails to please.

GBBD1 (819x1024)

Elder (Sambucus Nigra) – This year there is an abundance of flowers so plenty of Elderflower cordial all round.

GBBD 15 June4 (724x1024)

Poached Egg Plant (Limnanthes) – adding splendid low border cover of yellow and white, loved by the bees.

DSC_0125 (1024x683)

Rock Rose (Cistus) – an abundance of white flowers emerging from rose coloured buds.

DSC_0139 (1024x683)

Climbing Rose (Rosa Golden Showers) – always the first rose of the season, sadly the blooms only last a few days but there are always more to come.

DSC_0110 (1024x683)

Dianthus (Coconut Sundae) – I have just brought this plant to go in a large pot with a new white mophead hydrangea.

There are lots of buds on the plants and shrubs so July GBBD is going to be wonderful!

Thank you to Carol at May Dreams Gardens who hosts this monthly meme.  Please hop over to her blog and check out the other contributors – you will find some amazing photographs.

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  1. I loved the poached egg plant and the coconut dianthus. I looked up the poached egg plant and, to my delight, found it is actually a North American native (I live in the United States.) I’ve never seen it here, though, as far as I can recall.


    • I have tried to grow them from seed for a few year with no success but this time, in a different sunny part of the garden, they seem to be successful. They are self seeders so hopefully they will return next year.


  2. I have a Sambucus too. I planted it last summer so it’s not very big, but it did bloom this year. I love the mauve bloom against the dark foliage. Great blooms in your garden so far.


  3. Lots of beautiful blooms, but the Dianthus Coconut Sundae is really special!
    Have a wonderful week-end!
    Lea’s Menagerie


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