Flowers in My Garden: 3 June 2013

It is the 3rd June and we are in for the hottest week of the year so far.   The garden is bathed in sunshine and the flowers are beginning to bloom.  There are lots in bud, such as the roses, which may well be out by the end of the week.  Meanwhile here are the flowers that are already happily doing what flowers are supposed to do in the garden.

Poached Egg Plant

I have tried to grow these supposedly “easy” plants from seed for a few years now, and finally was successful last year.  Their happy shining faces are bringing brightness around the edges of the raised bed.  Insects, especially hoverflies, love to visit these flowers.

DSC_0029 (1024x729)


Allium are dotted around the garden, tall and proud, in an impressive purple. The straggly leaves begin to die down at flowering and I can see now why they are best planted behind the foliage of other plants.  Something to remember next year.

DSC_0034 (1024x683)


Part of the onion family the Chives are in competition with the Allium.  I know you can eat these in a salad but I have not tried this,  I am missing out on something delicious I am sure.

DSC_0047 (1024x683)


Most of the Aqualigia are self-seeded but there is still a lovely variety of colour, such as the wonderful blue/purple, set as a background just behind some of the allium.


The pale blue:

DSC_0040The white:

DSC_0035 (1024x684)

A pretty pink, that found a home against the wall of the house.



The Geum “Bell Bank” is flowering to its hearts content.

DSC_0033 (1024x1011)

Hardy Geranium (Cranesbill)

The hardy Geranmiums are starting to flower.

DSC_0041 DSC_0032


I moved some foxgloves last year into the sunny south facing bed, because they were doing nothing.   This year they are looking great, although I don’t think they were supposed to be white!

DSC_0045 (683x1024)


I have had to cut this back a lot because it is taking over the side patio and I was having to fight my way down to the garden.  It doesn’t take offence though, and is a mass of flowers.


Please share the flowers that are in your garden at the moment, by adding a link in the comments section.

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4 thoughts on “Flowers in My Garden: 3 June 2013

  1. I am showing a poppy today but there are many flowers blooming right now.


    1. I’m popping over to your blog to take a look. Having to enjoy other people’s poppies as my garden is sans poppies is year.


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