Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Up. Up can be a direction, an orientation, or even a movement. 

When you browse through the blogs that have taken part in the Weekly Photo Challenge this week you are bound to see many photos of the sky.  After all that is what most of us see when looking up.    Today I make no apology for doing the same thing.   The sky this morning as a fabulous clear blue, without a cloud to be seen.   The contrast between the shrubs in the garden, with their newly sprouting leaves against the sky is magnificent.   Here are my contributions to the theme of “UP” this week.

First is the Lilac bush which all of a sudden has started to produce this years leaves.  I left some of last years flowers on the shrub, partly because they were too high to reach and partly for the birds, as they like the seeds.


Most striking against a vivid blue sky is the yellow of the forsythia.  It was difficult to get the lighting right because of the bright sun and I couldn’t get behind the forsythia to photograph it from the other direction.


Next is the Sambucus Nigra (Elder).  Here, again, the leaves are in contrast to the blue sky against the sun, but the pattern them make as they start to open is feathery, light and stretching its self up towards the sky.


Finally, the Compassion Rose that I grow as a climber is producing some beautiful deep wine coloured leaves, which look lovely especially against the blue sky.  It was hard to get this photo right  because of the sun shining on the leaves but I never have claimed to be an excellent photographer!

DSC_0562 (1280x854)

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