Friday Flowers

My blogger/Twitter pal Liz over at Gwirrel’s Garden publishes a lovely post on Fridays called “Friday Flowers”.   Her photographs are exquisite and she has been a great source of inspiration to me over the years.

I pottered in the garden this afternoon, with camera in my hand and sun on my back looking for the ideal photos for my contribution to Friday Flowers.  We have had some wonderful warm days, and everything is shedding its winter sleep and bursting into flower.   This means, at long last, the daffodils which usually are in flower March and April and now are blooming in all their glory.   I have lost some which are being eaten by snails but most are happy to bring sunshine into the garden.

There may be some purists out there who believe daffodils should be the standard bright yellow trumpet daffodil, the William Wordsworth, “I wandered lonely as a cloud” variety.  However, I like the multi-headed double varieties and have a very pretty one in the front garden.  It always reminds me of poached eggs.

So without further ado, here are my poached egg multi-headed daffodils.






With good weather forecasted for the weekend, why not find your local daffodil displays to visit courtesy of the NGS Garden Scheme.

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  1. I love daffodils any way they come, they always remind me of home; we don’t have them here in the tropics. 😦
    Your photos of them are great – and they do resemble poached eggs!


  2. I have a Daffodil just like those of yours. Didn’t know what to call it – now I do!
    Lovely, lovely photos!
    Have a wonderful week-end!
    Lea’s Menagerie


  3. Hi Ronnie,

    Haha, when I saw your blog in my reader and it showed the first photo, I thought to myself ‘Mmm eggs’!!!
    It would seem I’m not the only one who thinks they look like eggs then 🙂
    I also suddenly have an urge to cook them for my dinner…

    I’m loving your Daffs and photos; very pretty indeed. I think things this year seem to be even more beautiful than normal because we’ve waited so long for them!

    Thanks very much for the head’s up to my blog; much appreciated 🙂 glad you like my photos.


    • Hi there! They always make me want to have a poached egg when I see them. Think tonights supper may be poached eggs and smoked haddock, might just go down a treat! You are welcome regarding the head’s up for your blog. I know I have said it before but it is always a source of inspiration for my photography.


      • Hi Ronnie,

        Btw, are those narcissi called Bridal crown? I bought some in autumn and totally forgot about them until I’ve got some ‘poached eggs’ opening!!!
        Checked my plant list for last year and sure enough they’re on the list. They’re quite small in both height and bloom size with a fairly strong perfume.


          • If the blooms are only a couple of centimetres across then they might well be ‘Bridal Crown’, but after having looked on the net I think there’s quite a few of these doubles.
            I keep a plant list on my blog which I add to whenever I buy something new and actually it’s come in handy and for me, at least been easier to keep track of and look back on than using a notebook.
            It’s only a very simple list of ‘bought’ and ‘sown’, but it’s fine for what I need.
            (hover over ‘the plants’ on my top nav bar and a little drop down opens up with a few things including plant list 2012 and 2013 to see what I mean)


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