Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

I do believe that the weather is beginning to improve and the cold days are slowly  behind us.   It is marginally warmer, although the wind still has a chill to it, and the sun is shining more than has been.  The weather forecast is starting to look promising with temperatures that could hit 17°C by Sunday with even better weather to come.  Wouldn’t that be great – straight from Winter to Summer bypassing Spring – if only! Spurred on by this I took my camera outside early this morning to capture some proof that the season is changing from Winter to Spring.

Armed with some heartwarming photos that the garden is changing from its drab and boring Winter colours, I started to write this post, only beforehand I looked at the Weekly Photo Challenge.  I was delighted to find that the theme is CHANGE I could roll two posts into one. 

“… we want to see photos that represent change. Depending on where in the world you are, this could be a winter landscape blossoming to spring, or vice versa…”

springcollage (800x566)

Nature is an odd thing, in past years the daffodils have done really well and the tulips have struggled.  This year it’s the other way round.  I have hardly any daffodils but the tulips are looking as though they are going to put on a great display.   I bought a selection of peach and pink tulip bulbs but stupidly now can’t find the packet so I am sorry that I am unable to name them.

tulipcollage (800x566) Tulip

The Forsythia is an abundance of yellow blossom, adding to the wonderful yellow shades that herald Spring and always a great sign that Winter is leaving through the backdoor.

DSC_0513 (800x533)

Adding further colour to the garden, but pink this time, is the Ribes which takes up quite a large corner of the garden these days and is looking quite impressive.

DSC_0516 (800x533)

Another plant adding colour is the Spirea, now looking fabulous with its rosy tones.

Spirea (800x566)

Over the years, I have had various indoor hyacinth plants, which when they are over I have left out on the patio.  They come back each year and smell wonderful, although the flower is always slightly more sparse than the forced indoor type.  I suspect that is because they revert to the original plant form.  I wish I could have captured the perfume for you as I bent down to take this photo.

hyacinth (533x800)

The garden is not the blaze of colour you get in the Summer but it is certainly beginning to change from the Winter hues to something a little more exciting.  The Forget-me-nots are slowing turning into a carpet of blue and lilac through to pink.

forgetmenots (533x800)

Last but certainly not least, and I make no apologies for always including photos of my favourite Erysimum which is now looking in splendid glory.

erysimum (800x644)

Bowel Cancer Update:  

logobowel cancer

I had the CT guided biopsy on the 3rd April.  Most strange because they couldn’t find the enlarge lymph node in my abdomen, which to my horror was referred to as a tumour, although I was assured that not all tumours are malignant its just a name for a mass.  Anyway, it had moved (!!) which is a good sign, meaning it is less likely to be malignant.   It also made taking the biopsy easier and rather than having to go through my stomach or liver (nasty!) they managed to reach it through my side passing the biopsy needle between my rib cage. When the local anaesthetic wore off, I can’t begin to tell you how sore I felt, they had warned me that I would feel as though I had been kicked by a horse for a few days.   That is the last piece of the jigsaw now.  The multi disciplinary team meeting was supposed to be on Thursday 11th and I am waiting to hear from the hospital for an appointment to see the Consultant hopefully on the 18th with the verdict.

11 weeks from being referred by my GP and 5 weeks from the initial diagnosis, once I know what treatment they have decided my life will change forever.  Until then everything goes on as normal, except I caught the office cough and cold which has floored me this week and something I could well do without at the moment.

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  1. Hi Ronnie,

    Your garden is looking very springy now; it’s lovely! I’m glad to see things are picking up a little 🙂

    Good news about the hospital visit? I think it’s good news, anyway. You’re amazingly positive, a real inspiration.


  2. I wanted to do the weekly photo challenge but the theme floored plus I suspect I was too tired to really think about it. Your garden is about a week ahead of mine – no tulips yet and the forysthia isnt showing any flowers either. Sounds like you had a little good news so fingers crossed


  3. Hi Ronnie, I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through (I’ve been away and pre-occupied with other things so apologies for not picking up on this sooner). I’m pleased that you have had good news and, if rather trivial in comparison, at least that flipping winter is behind us. Dave


  4. Lovely photos Ronnie – what a treat to see the colours revving up to a crescendo at last – looks like you may have chosen the ideal time to photograph them today too! Great stuff xxx


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