Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

I have not participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge for the last few weeks but the prompt this week has inspired me.   This is the challenge set by Christopher Martin:

“This challenge is about getting lost in the details. Once you’ve found a subject you want to photograph, challenge yourself to work a little further into the scene… I challenge you to go out and spend extra time getting lost in the details — and finding a great shot”.

Anyone who follows my blog will know that my passion is gardening and macro photography of flora and fauna.  So what better than getting lost in the detail of beautiful and interesting plants.

One of the best all round year plants for value is the SEDUM.  It grows to about 3ft (1 metre) and produces quite large flower heads and when you look closely you will see lovely rosy pink clusters of small star like flowers.  At bit like Hydrangea.

DSC_0446 (1024x683)During the autumn months, the Sedum flower starts to turn an impressive burgundy.

DSC_0054 (800x536)

Don’t cut them down during the winter months because they turn a fabulous bronze and make for great architecture when other plants in the garden have died down.

DSC_0458 (800x533)


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  1. I think I have one of those in my garden Ronnie…I never thought to leave it over winter…the stems fall down with the weight but I might try that.


  2. I really enjoy the photo challenge as it leads me to spend Friday evening looking back through photos lookin for something appropriate


  3. Hi Ronnie,

    Is your ‘Autumn Joy’?
    I think mine is, but I’m not sure as I bought it years ago… My other one, which I have to also admit to not knowing the name of doesn’t look at all good throughout winter. First it turns into a black mess and then eventually rots away – or I chop it off.
    But quite rightly, this one – whatever it is – remains very pretty no matter what time of year it is.


  4. I enjoy the sedum in the fall because it is a rich source of bee photos. In our part of the world, the sedum will be the last thing to bloom, and often the only flower left in the garden.


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