Seven Signs of Spring

Miracle of miracles, we have had a few mild days, it hasn’t rained or snowed and the sun has been shining!   There are signs of Spring bursting through which makes the world seem a whole heap better.

There are so many plants in bud and once I started it was actually quite difficult to single out just seven signs of Spring on this Sunday but here they are:-


DSC_0433 (1024x683)

Ribes (Flowering Currant)

DSC_0446 (1024x683)


DSC_0444 (1024x981)


DSC_0430 (1024x683)


DSC_0440 (1024x1024)




DSC_0427 (1024x1002)

Oh dear, this is where I came across a problem with limiting myself just to seven.  How can I do a post about signs of Spring without daffodils so I am going to add an  8th photo to my Seven Signs.  These are Tete-a-Tete and grow by the front door – such a cheery sight.

DSC_0435 (1024x887)

The weather forecast is for another cold snap with possibly more snow.  Fingers crossed that it doesn’t put back the move towards what will be a very welcome Spring.

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  1. Hi, found you on Blooming Blogs. Still sitting with a blanket of snow here, looking forward to seeing the Helleborous and February Daphne come alive. Starting a few seeds indoors to keep busy. PS: I quite relate to this over 60 stuff!


  2. Yaay! It’s on its way 🙂 I love flowering currant. A lot of my bulbs are through now and I’m really enjoying the lighter evenings too. Just hope the cold goes away!!


  3. Spring is definitely on its way, although we are forecast more cold weather later this weekend but hopefully after that?!


  4. Lovely signs of Spring!
    You have a really good assortment there – budding flowers and shurbs, plants just poking their noses out of the ground, and wonderful blooms!
    Have a great day!
    Lea’s Menagerie


  5. Beautiful to see these. You seem to be just a bit further ahead than us. My daffodils are not yet showing buds, just about 6-8 inches of leaves. I will have to take a close look at the forsythia.


  6. Great to see some signs of Spring! None here in Wisconsin yet. The temperature is well below zero this morning.

    Hoping the cold weather and snow presents no problems to your plants.


  7. Hi Ronnie,

    Hope you’re ok; was going to tweet you as you’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks.

    Nice to see pretty blooms, and the hellebores are lovely. Our tete a tete are just coming into bloom too 🙂

    Please don’t mention snow; too depressing on such a beautiful day.


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