Weekly Photo Challenge : Love

The whole point of a challenge is to make you think and that is exactly what the The Weekly Photo Challenge is all about.

This week the prompt is Love.

It took me a while to come up with my interpretation The Language of Flowers that mean love.

We all love to receive flowers and they are all the more special when they are sent to us by someone who loves us, whether it a relation, friend or lover.


The Victorians used flowers as coded messages to their loved ones. Each flower either as a single flower or within a small posy meant something special. When researching for information about the language of flowers, I came across the lovely word – “Tussie-Mussie“, which is what the Victorians called small posies or nose-gay. I think this should be brought back into fashion, don’t you?

There does seemed to be a difference to the meaning of flowers according to what I read, which was a bit confusing; in one place an Anemone means “unfading love”, I read on another that it was “forsaken” a bit of a contrast there and so I decided not to include the Anemone in my list of Love flowers. One can imagine the problems that could create if the young Victorian lady read the wrong flower coded message!

Aster – love and daintiness


Forget me nots – True Love. I can imagine that these tiny flowers would make a most beautiful “tussie-mussie”.

Forget me nots

HyacinthConstancy of Love. The White Hyacinth means “Loveliness”. Kate Middleton had Hyacinth in her wedding bouquet.

hyacinth3 (1024x683)

Red Rosewe all recognise the red rose as a love token and a Rose Bud means “heart innocent of love”


Tulip – RED: declaration of love ALL COLOURS: Love

DSC_0435 (800x533)

The one flower we would not want to receive is a wilted one which would mean a rejection of Love, how very sad.

frosted roses

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  1. Your photos are gorgeous. As a kid, both my mom and grandmom loved gardening so much, that I grew to love flowers!Hopefully, someday I will have a tiny little garden to call my own 🙂 Where I will talk to the flowers like my grandmum does LOL 🙂
    Thank you for the pingback.


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