Weekly Photo Challenge : Beyond

Beyond is this week’s photo challenge set before us by Sara Rosso for The Daily Post at WordPress with the following introduction:

In Morocco, I snapped [a] photo of a tower. Though I focused my camera on the tower, it wouldn’t have been half as interesting without all of the houses, roofs, textures, colors, and action happening beyond the tower. Hopefully your eye was drawn to the rest of the picture as I hoped it would be. 

Do you have a photo which invites the viewer to look beyond? Are there hidden depths in the background? Is the focal point just a framing for the rest of the picture? If it’s not clear why we should look beyond, tell us! Lead us through the story in your photo. 

In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means BEYOND to you!


My preference for photography is usually of closeups of flowers and plants using macro settings on my camera and closeup filters.  Not far behind this are photos I like to take of my local coastline, the exact opposite, and getting the distance right is something I am not very experienced at, it’s all to do with F-stops which I am yet to use comfortably.   Having looked through my rapidly expanding library of photos, the ones I have decided to use are for the reasons given below:-

Clevedon Pier, Somerset

Not a local photo for me, it is near to my eldest daughter and always one of my favourite scenes.   I make no apology for chosing this photo which I use a lot. It is probably one of the most photographed piers in the West Country.  If you look Beyond the pier you will see the coastline of Wales.

DSCF3030 (640x480)

Practising F-stops

This is one of many practise photos I took during a visit to Denmans Garden at Fontwell, near Chichester.  The idea was to get the focus correct Beyond  the blue bench.

f18 (1280x853)

Devils Dyke, Brighton 

This photo is one of an old set that I took on a bitterly cold day in February 2012 at Devil’s Dyke.  Beyond the hang glider, set before you is the beautiful scene of the South Downs.

DSC_0304 (1280x720)

Sunset over the South Coast

My last photo is a sunset collage taken in October 2011, which I think depicts Beyond very well, because as the sun is setting on the South Coast in England, it is rising somewhere Beyond the horizon in another part of the world.

Sunset collage (1280x905)

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