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We Have Snow!

Here in the South of England on the Sussex Coast, we may get snow for a few days during the winter months.   The last heavy snow that hung around for days was in 2010.   Today, true to the forecasted weather (which we often take with a pinch of salt), it started to snow earlier this morning and now, mid-day, it is quite deep – for us anyway.  I suspect it is about 3 to 4 inches deep at the moment and it’s still snowing.

Fortunately I have the day off work, although my original plans have been scuppered.  It has meant though an opportunity to take some snow photos.  I didn’t take too many as  the camera was getting wet and I was getting very cold.

I love the way that snow changes the shape of things.  For example the bamboo cloches now look like little snow domes.

DSC_0366 (1024x639)

The garden looks very pretty in its white snowy overcoat.

DSC_0358 (1024x678)


DSC_0359 (1024x683)

Skimmia berries:

DSC_0357 (1024x683)

And of course, there has to be snowdrops:


DSC_0353 (1024x683)

Whilst snow is great if you don’t have to get anywhere, I will enjoy it this weekend, but hope that it has cleared a bit before trying to get to work on Monday.   The problem is not during the time the snow falls, it is afterwards when it becomes slushy and then freezes, making it dangerous to get around.

However, I hope to be able to take some more snow photos soon, especially if the sun shines.  There is nothing more beautiful than a snowy landscape set against a blue sky.

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15 thoughts on “We Have Snow!”

  1. How well I know snow 🙂 Fabulous photos and your garden seems to love it…I suppose when you are used to snow you don’t think about getting around in it…we just do. stay safe and upright and keep those great photos coming


  2. love your snow ronnie … rather is than 46C which we had yesterday … snow is so pretty but extreme heat kills things … thanks for sharing all this coolth!


    1. I saw on the tv that your part of the world was suffering from the hottest weather on record. Seems bizarre that we are so cold but that’s whats being opposite ends of the world is all about I suppose.


  3. So where on the Sussex coast are you? We were at Birling Gap for the first day of the year. It was sunny, sparklingly so and mild. Light years from the snowlow.


  4. Hi Ronnie,

    3/4 inches does sound quite bad – here we’re at maybe 2 but it looks to be properly snowing now so I suspect we’ll finish at around 4 inches too. But more is due tomorrow and Monday… So… Yeah. Looks pretty and all, but as you say it’s when it compacts or turns to ice that it’s dangerous and very scary so it’s likely I’ll be digging our street out/gritting on Sunday (even if it is pointless since we’re supposed to get more on Monday).
    I left work early today once it began to properly snow, and was settling on the roads around work. It was already a skating rink yesterday so I wanted to get out before it got too bad – also meant I could get some photos 🙂


  5. Just watching the news and the amount of snow in some areas is amazing. Love to look at it, but would certainly not want to be out in it. Her’s to sunny Portugal – OK it’s raining at the moment but at least no snow


  6. Over here in the land of Igloos and hockey I am very jealous … we had a nice wee mild spell this week, but those only serve to make you long for spring even more. Snow all last we have maybe 3-4 ins. but of course there will be more, and more, and more…..


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