Alphabe Thursday: F is for Favourite Flower Fotos

I’ve been mulling over my 2012 blog posts and the myriad of photographs I have taken over the year.   With Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe Thursday now at F, I thought Favourite Flowers would be a good post.  For those of you who are sticklers for grammar and spelling, I make no apologies for the misspelling of ‘Fotos’, let’s call it artistic license.

Jenny Matlock

Actually, it wasn’t easy to chose my favourite photos of 2012, there are so many.  Eventually I decided to select just two for the months of May through to September.  I suspect I may well use many more for a recap post on the past year.  It is always useful to hold ideas in abeyance so, as the saying goes, watch this space!

Here they are then, a small selection of my Favourite Flower Fotos, starting with Aqualegia (Columbine) and Geraniums (Cranesbill) in May:

May 2102

In June, there are Roses and Gazanias.

June 2012 (740x1024)

July brings us Lavender and Erysium (Perennial wallflower).

July 2012 (709x1024)

August brings Pom Pom Poppies and Tradescantia.

August 2012 (709x1024)

In September Scabious (Scabiosa) is still flowering and the Michaelmas Daisies (Aster) are in the full glory.

September 2012 (1024x709)

Ah!  How this has made me hanker after warm summer days, working in the garden.  It has rained for days and days lately, there are floods everywhere you look.  Who would have thought that in April we had a hose pipe ban imposed upon us.   Time does rattle by quickly and before we know it, Spring will be here and shortly afterwards our gardens will start to burst into flower again.

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  1. What lovely flowers.

    I would find it impossible to pick a favorite, too.

    It’s always a rose…or a larkspur…or a hydrangea…or a…


    I guess that means I’m not a flower snob at all! I love them all!

    Thanks for a fun link to the letter F.

    Happy New Year!



  2. Gorgeous photos and great to have so many images to reflect on what grew well this year and to plan for the year ahead. Especially love the Michelmas daisy as it’s just about to burst into full bloom-making wish for summer days already.


  3. Hi Ronnie,

    Lovely photos; if only it was sunny and warm right now… I’m really looking forward to the spring bulbs and poppies.

    I too have been looking back at photos through the past year (for my end of year round-up) and of course now wish I hadn’t only ever posted sunny, pretty photos because it’s giving me the illusion that actually the weather has been OK. When of course we know it’s been a terrible year.
    It’s been dry here, but grey and totaly quite chilly. Tomorrow is due to rain all day though.

    Where did my Christmas go? Can’t believe it’s almost Friday already.


    • I agree with you about the wet summer, it is all too easy to depict a wonderful garden with colourful blooms when if the truth be known I was scratching around for good photo ops. Here’s wishing us all a wonderful gardening 2013 x


  4. Great “F” post! Your flower photos are gorgeous, and I love how you grouped them by month for your 2012 recap. It’s always fun to look back at the work you’ve done over the year, especially as a photographer. Have an amazing and inspiring New Year!


    • We have had none stop rain for weeks now, so the gardens and roads are flooded now. I do hope we don’t get snow though because the whole country just collapses as thought they have never seen snow before!


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