Popular 2012 Posts – Day 1: January 2012

It’s cold, and dark mornings when I go to work and evenings when I come home.  Little is happening in the garden, and actually with the run up to Christmas I have little time to be out there at weekends.

Rather than let my blog flounder without regular posts, I thought on each day running up to Christmas I would re-blog the most popular blog post of the month, starting with January 2012.    Initially  I thought this is a lazy way of blogging but the more I see that it is not lazy at all.  I have had so many new readers and followers throughout the year, both them and new first time readers may like to see what has been the most popular of each month in 2012.

Click HERE to read DAY 1:  Most popular January post 

15 January 2012:  Weekly Photo Challenge Peaceful


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7 thoughts on “Popular 2012 Posts – Day 1: January 2012

  1. Hi Ronnie,

    This reminds me; I must get on with my end of year review/rundown… Not that there will be much to talk about other than rain 🙂


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