Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

I always like to ponder a while, without looking at the other contributors, before deciding exactly what I am going to do for the Weekly Photo Challenge.    This week it is Changing Seasons.   Now we are in December, at the end of the year, I thought it an ideal time to look back on the past year and show how gardens evolve throughout the seasons.

My interpretation this week, therefore, are four photographs depicting the Changing Seasons throughout the year, starting with….

SPRING  – a field of tulips growing naturally rather than in neat rows, like little soldiers.  Bulbs that have been planted on a cold winter’s day, begin to burst through bringing much needed and long waited for colour back to our gardens.

DSC_0423 (800x533)

SUMMER:  This photo was taken in June, the early part of Summer with greenhouses bursting with plants, and foxgloves and poppies filling the flower borders  with an array of magnificent colour.    Reds and oranges clashing looking great on a hot day with whites and purples complimenting each other creating a picture of coolness.

Red Oaks (886x1280)

AUTUMN:  Natures palette really comes into its own in the Autumn.  The same trees that in Spring were beautiful pale greens now turn into breathtaking burnished russets, we all know and love as the Autumn Tints.

DSC_0103 (800x533)

WINTERthe landscape takes on all together another spectrum of shades.   Grey and dismal winter days, when the sun shines and the sky is blue, we know we are in for a very cold day.   What makes days like that even better are the hoar frosts that turn the landscape white, and plants in the garden, shimmer with icy particles.   This Erysium is ready to flower, regardless of being frozen, with the promise that Spring really isn’t that far away.


Aren’t the Changing Seasons wonderful!  Always full of promise.

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  1. Hello Ronnie! I love your post and your photos! I think we’re really lucky to have 4 seasons (sometimes I wonder if I say that to make myself feel better in winter though?!) no, seriously I think we are. I’ve spent time in other countries where it’s either summer season or rainy season and although I prefer the warmth I think there’s something so amazing about each season that we have here. I love the bulbs coming through and I love the colours of Autumn. There’s also nothing better than a cold frosty winters day when you’re all wrapped up and the sun is shining. The changes are exciting. If anything it’s the summer which can be most disappointing!! Lovely post 🙂


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