5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – The West Dean Potting Shed

  1. such neatness and no confusion in this potting shed ronnie…a place for everything and you know where you can find it!…alas! i wish i were more like my husband and mom golden..everything is so orderly with their cupboards…me! well it seems that when i am looking for something of mine..it is buried and i can’t fine it!
    perhaps i should just be wordless one fine wednesday and do some serious clearing up!…the only thing is when i try this, then i have more confusion than ever because i start reading and forget all about it!…ha!…
    nice photo ronnie…..terry

  2. Looks like the potting shed at the farm, only make that twenty times as big. At the farm I can’t even get in there to do work, yet the workers tell me it is perfect for them. They know where everything is located.

  3. Aaah, lovely! I love a nice shed. That’s beautiful beacuse even though it looks a bit cluttered, it appears to be clean. My shed is always full of dust, cobwebs and soil

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