Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

We, in the Northern Hemisphere, are watching the leaves in our woodlands and gardens turning shades of yellow, gold, russet and brown. There are many of us who rush out with our cameras to take photos of the glorious autumnal colours and others that just love walking and looking. All of us ooh and aah over the tints the trees are turning. There may well be many months before we see the luscious greens of Spring and become excited at the sight of new growth.

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is a colour challenge and the prompt is GREEN.

This is a wonderful challenge this week because it makes one take another look at the garden and surroundings from a different angle. There still is a lot of GREEN in my garden, much of which will stay green throughout the Winter. The grass, of course, is one of the biggest parts of GREEN in the garden. I was tempted to take photos of the grass but I would have to get down to ground level to get a decent photo and it’s horribly wet and muddy so I decided against it. Instead I am going to include five lovely photos of the GREEN in my garden.

  • The Rock Rose will keep its leaves and is still producing new leaves, all lovely shades of GREEN.

  • The Fatsia Japonica and the Jasmine that has started to wind its way through the plant will be GREEN throughout the winter.

  • The Cordyline, although needs to kept sheltered through the Winter, is GREEN all year round.

  • There are a few roses in my garden which will flower throughout the Winter despite the weather and whilst not an evergreen as such, some of the roses will keep their GREEN leaves.

  • I can’t have a blog post dedicated to GREEN at this time of the year, without including Holly. Sadly this year, the first for many, there are no berries so it is entirely GREEN.

Because the thought of things still being green in the garden has cheered my up no end in a tribute to GREEN I have turned my blog colours GREEN for this week!

There are some really wonderful and interesting takes on this GREEN photo challenge, so can I suggest to pop over to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge, where you will find the contribution of over 300 bloggers.

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  1. I love the green background all ferny and frothy, so restful. I have noticed your weekly photo challenges before but this time I had a look to see where it comes from and I think I might just join in. Thanks for sharing


    • Hi Helen! I love the weekly challenge, sometimes its tougher to come up with an original idea and it is great looking at all the other contributions – a wonderful way to discover new and interesting blogs too. Have a go, you take some great photos.


  2. Hi Ronnie,

    Green, hrm what’s that?! 😀

    Have you spotted any signs of new growth yet i.e. bring bulbs appearing? I haven’t really been in the garden for a few weeks now so really need to go out and see if I can spot anything coming up. Still early yet, but last year I did have Muscari leaves appearing but so far nothing.


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