Wordless Wednesday: 14/11/2012 Compassion Rose

These could possibly be the last of the roses this year.

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  1. i am glad that you said it could be possibly be the last i of the roses of the year but maybe not, eh?….just look at the brave little flower that is trying to bloom and then there is that rose bud!
    a couple of winters ago when my husband and i were passing a doctors building, we spotted on the north wall bushes and bushes of roses that were still blooming…i took pictures of these roses and sent them via blogger post to my good friend,, amrita who lives in india…
    alas! that was the last time that it happened…i shall take a look today this nov 14 to see what is happening as we will be in that location in a couple of hours.
    this is such a beautiful but sad picture in a way..you have a rose that has already died and standing right next to it bloomed rose and one that is fighting to bloom and a rose bud that will hopefully bloom before the cold!
    there is another post you have that i must come back and see..i came across it last night …i think i am going to love your blog!…..so long for now and thanks you for having me on the mail list…….from terry


    • Hi Terry
      The rose is such a resilient flower. This one may well continue to produce buds for a few more weeks, sadly with frosty nights it may well fail to bloom. This is the last of the fragrant roses to succumb to winter. I have an Iceberg in the front garden and that flowers all year round but doesn’t have a perfume, I suppose that may be the trade off. I am so pleased that you will visit my blog again, thank you. R


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