Ruby Tuesday: Reflecting

One of the things I find exciting about reading other blogs is discovering new memes both gardening and photographic.  It was when I visited Lea’s blog at Lea’s Menagerie that I came across  Ruby Tuesday 2 .   This blog, after a bit of peeling away the layers, is one of many written by seasoned blogger Gemma Wiseman in Australia.

From what I can gather Ruby Tuesday 2 provides you with a prompt and anything goes as long as it is red.  If I am wrong, no doubt someone will correct me.

The prompt today is Reflecting.   It is on this basis that I took at look at the autumnal photos from the weekend.   It had been raining and there was a lot of reflecting of light on the beautiful russets leaves.   I hope this photo does Ruby Tuesday 2 justice and is in keeping with the prompt.

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5 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday: Reflecting

  1. hi…i saw your comment over at ruby tuesday and so i came to see your first post….all i can say is INCREDIBLE photo!…i never even knew that the subject was “reflections” before i did my post…i guess i should of looked at the magical teacher first…next time i will…i hope that you post next week too, and i think that i will read your nice blog….from teresa[terry] from southern ontario eleven miles from the falls


    1. Welcome to my blog! Its good to meet new people, I do hope you visit again soon.


  2. That is one beautiful leaf!
    And I am honored to be mentioned on your blog.
    Lea’s Menagerie


    1. As a regular visitor to my blog, it is my way of saying thank you. 🙂


  3. Beautiful capture.

    My Ruby.


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