A Saturday Morning Woodland Walk Beats Housework

What do you do on a Saturday morning, when you wake up to a powerful blue sky and what looks like the cold day that has been forecasted?   Well, it’s a no brainer really, after a dank, and foggy week – forget the housework, the shopping and the washing, and go for a walk with friends.

The wind was particularly cutting this morning, which came as a shock after a few unseasonably mild days.  It was the sort of day that if it was the height of summer, you knew you were in for a scorcher.  Clear blue skies in the winter are indicative of a what probably is going to be a very cold day so we knew that scarves, gloves and warm coats were the order of the day.

We headed off mid-morning towards Patcham, West Sussex and the woodland behind which is part of the Angmering Park Estate.  I was ready to take lots of autumnal colours for a new blog post.


The intention was to look at, and take photos of, the autumn leaves.  It was with a little disappointment and surprise as we looked across the fields to see plenty of bare trees and very little of the expected russets and golds.


When we reached the woods, we could see that the ground was carpeted with autumn leaves but there were still lots of green leaves on the trees.   We stood for a while watching the yellow and brown leaves raining down on us.  I tried to capture them on the camera but no success, sadly.


It was at this stage, I decided that my post was fast going to turn into a nature walk.  In amongst the leaves there was an abundance of horse chestnuts.  Also bathing itself in the sun we found a Red Admiral butterfly – not what you expect to come across during a woodland walk.


There were some fabulous fungi.  I am not at all knowledgeable about fungi so have no idea what they were all called, and these are just a few of those we saw on the woodland floor and growing out of trees.


As usual, in most woodlands, there are some interesting shaped tree stumps and just to prove you are never too old to do silly things and have fun, my two friends decided that the hole in the tree stump would make a good frame for a face and a leg!  It was beginning to cloud over at this stage and the sky looked decidely wintery.


It always pays, when walking to through a wood to remember which way is back to the car park…. eeerh which way now?


By this time our boots were caked in mud and leaves, it was certainly wet and boggy underfoot.  We were lucky not to slip over – although I was ready with my camera, just in case.


As we left the wood back to the car and headed downhill across the farmer’s field, there were a lot of pretty wildflowers along the edge.


To end a refreshing and interesting Saturday morning walk, on a brisk winter day, what more do you want than a great pub lunch, and no surprises where we headed off to.


What about the housework, shopping and washing?  Well there are other days that can be done aren’t there?!

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12 thoughts on “A Saturday Morning Woodland Walk Beats Housework”

  1. Love the fungi! One day I will trust my book enough to eat something I find. So far I spend ages on the identification and bottle out of the actual eating!

  2. I too abandonned housework for a walk around Hilliers Arboretum with a friend! Although there were a lot of fallen leaves, there was still plenty of stunning colour, but I fear it won’t last long with these strong winds.
    I did take my camera with me, but we had a lot to catch up on, and sadly I only took a couple of pictures- I could go again today, but don’t think we’ll have the sunshine!

  3. Nothing like a good, brisk walk in Autumn weather, especially when you come across all sorts of interesting things to photograph in the woods (I love the fungi), and then top it off with lunch at a favourite pub – wonderful!
    Thanks for the walk Ronnie, it was very enjoyable!

  4. Hi Ronnie,

    A lovely brisk walk, shame the leaves most of the leaves had been blown off the trees!
    Last Saturday we went to a park, with a lovely autumnal day forecast. On the way there we hit grey and some fog. What a waste of a day after hanging around for an hour or so assuming it would clear and become the day we’d promised. So coming home we returned to the lovely sun we’d left.

    At least you got a yummy lunch out of it though 🙂

    1. I wish I had been able to capture on camera the leaves coming down, it literally was raining leaves. Yes, the lunch was scrummy, mine was the Sussex Cheese ploughmans, it went down well with a glass of cider.

  5. How lovely to have friends who want to share a autumnal walk. Being outside on a day like today is so refreshing isnt it. We were at the allotment though we nearly changed our minds but we were pleased we did go – so refreshing

    1. I felt so chilled out, not only due to the weather but mentally, by the time I got home. They are very special friends and we had good fun. Glad you had a good time at the allotment, I love days like this.

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