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End of Month View: September 2012

I know we English are famous for talking about the weather, and our blogs are proof of that. Most of us have made mention of the peculiar summer we have had. This September we had a short Indian Summer which ended in the highest rainfall for 30 years followed by overflowing rivers and subsquent floods.… Continue reading End of Month View: September 2012

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Beach Huts and Fishing Boats

I've just had a "holiday-at-home" and come to the conclusion that it's important (for me anyway) that a proper vacation away is infinitely more beneficial than a week at home.   It has not been at all restful, mainly because of the constant reminder of jobs that need to be done.  It's been a busy… Continue reading Beach Huts and Fishing Boats

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Friday Flowers and a Special Visitor

It's Friday and time for Friday Flowers.   There is  definite pink theme running through the garden.  The hydrangea and spirea I have not shown in this post because I wanted to concentrate on the most spectacular colour at the moment. Whilst there is an abundance  of white Japanese Anemones all around the garden, the… Continue reading Friday Flowers and a Special Visitor

100 Word Challenge

100WCGU Week #59: Random Thoughts of a Man Lost.

It's been some time now since I have entered into the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. Frustratingly any creative inspiration seemed to have disappeared, that is until now. Julia's photo prompt triggered my imagination, so here I am again my entry into this week's 100WCGU. Random Thoughts of a Man Lost Great, that will… Continue reading 100WCGU Week #59: Random Thoughts of a Man Lost.