Combining Daylilies with a Photo Challenge

As you know every week I enter into the Weekly Photo Challenge run by The Daily Post by WordPress.   Even with a sense of disloyalty, there comes a time to look around at other photo challenges.   The saying “A change is as good as a rest” rings true.

There are certainly a lot of photo challenges about, but there is one blogger who I visit regularly who runs a Weekly Sunday Post.

Jake’s blog  JakesPrinter  is a fascinating and clever,  which is not surprising as Jake is a graphic artist and photographer.

I have chosen the challenge on Jake’s blog this week because it is CLOSE UP and as a lover of macro photography I felt inspired.  That in itself is a relief, because my blogging enthusiasm has dried up over the last week.

This post has also given me the opportunity to include another idea for a blog post I had a few weeks ago and until now haven’t taken it any further.  So I am going to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

At the end of July I went to the New Forest and while I was there I paid a visit to Pollies Lilies and met Polly and her husband Terry.  They run a Daylily specialist nursery and I snapped away at the very many varieties of daylily,  but failed to make a note of their names.

Polly and Terry have the National Collection of Daylilies and I had no idea there were so many varieties:  short, tall, rounded, ruffled, doubles, spider, early, mid and late.  The colours range from white to burgundy and any combination in between.  I have one orange double daylily in the front garden and once a flower has died and dropped off it throws out new flowers and continues that way for months.

Daylilies are a flower that some people just won’t have in their gardens, and a bit like Marmite, you either love or hate them.  I love them and will certainly have a few more in my garden for next year.

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12 thoughts on “Combining Daylilies with a Photo Challenge

  1. Hi Ronnie,

    I’ve only tried Daylilies this year and have seen some gorgeous ones on Pollie’s website, it’s just a shame it isn’t so easy to order from them otherwise I’d be getting a few of the dark pinks and probably whites!
    Not sure why I’ve never had any before, but in general I put it down to not seeing them very often in the UK; we just don’t seem to be that bothered about them compared to US blogs where people often have a large variety! Mine didn’t even have specific names on them so I’ve no idea what colour mine will be when they eventually bloom (still small).


  2. I think you have made a good decision I am struggling with this weeks theme. I might adopt someone else’s theme. I will think about it for a day or so. However your pictures as usual are lovely. Have a good week x


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