Fleeting Moments

There are a few beautiful flowers that pass in a fleeting moment.   They frequently take a long time to open, staying in tight buds week on week and day after day.   Suddenly one morning, behind your back when you are not looking, they open and by the evening or the next day they are over.  The great thing is that they have more flowers to surprise you, so the whole plant flowers for some time, making the fleeting moment not so sad.

Some of the flowers that have fleeting moments over the Spring and Summer months in my garden are:-

  • Poppy

  • Peony

  • Day Lily

This one teased me for a long time as I waited daily for it to flower.

Even if it was for a fleeting moment, it was beautiful while it lasted.

What flowers do you have in your garden that pass in a fleeting moment?

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  1. What beautiful photos! As an American expat living in England, the opium poppy is new to me, so I guess it would have to one of my favorites. New to your blog, it is wonderful to ‘meet’ you! XO


  2. Hi Ronnie,

    I love Poppies, but they just don’t last long enough and then of course you have to rip them out before their stems begin to look ugly as they die off (and collect the seeds, of course). I’ve struggled with poppies though but they are one of my favourite plants and I’ve only just decided to try the Oriental Poppies again after poor experience with them previously.

    The Veronicas don’t seem to last long enough for me, and if I cut them they then don’t come back – at least Salvia will produce more, later. But they do last at least a week or two… Just trying to think of other blooms I have that are as fleeting as the Poppies… I might have to come back to you on this one 😉 This is my first year with Daylilies but neither have bloomed (still small plants).


  3. Moonflowers seem to last only for hours. But, as you say, when one is over there are two more to replace it. And they bloom all summer!


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