Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


The theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge is “Inside” – it comes with a photograph of the most delicious looking french pastry.   Unfortunately I don’t have any french pastries to cut in half, but I do have some home grown vegetables and fruit.

So, in three steps here is my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge.

First, this is how the challenge was laid down to us this week:

Inside. I like to snap multiple views of something and often the inside of something is even more interesting than the outside. This canelé (a French pastry) was definitely worth photographing – I’ll remember all those nooks & crannies!

Share a picture that means INSIDE to you! 

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Second, so you can see their insides, comes the dissecting of :-

–   A Carrot

–  A Broad Bean

– A Raspberry

Third, is guess what I am having for my supper this evening?! 🙂

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