Are you Social Network Savvie?

Why do I find it surprising when the not so old and particularly the young, proudly announce they don’t understand Twitter, Facebook, blogging or any kind of social networking or even how to use their smartphones?

A young girl at work was quite happy to tell me that she had no idea how to use her smartphone for photographs or access the internet. This same girl, a few weeks ago, said how impressed she was that someone ‘of my age’, not only uses Twitter but also blogs. She doesn’t use Twitter or blog, she is not interested which is fair enough. She is not alone, I have friends who are totally phased at the thought of blogging. There are even some who, with satisfaction, proclaim that they don’t have email because they wouldn’t know how to use it. My dad is 87 and is lost when his internet connection goes down.

Folk in their 40s and 50s, tell me that they wouldn’t mind using Twitter are worried they don’t know how it works. Am I intolerant in my old age, well 60? I can’t understand why so many folks are not getting to grips with modern technology. It is there, waiting and easy to use. Yes, it is scary – I put off using Twitter for a while before realising how very simple it is. I go through phases with Twitter, some weeks I tweet relentlessly and others I am hardly there.

Blogging is my lifeline and an all important diary, whether anyone reads or not it doesn’t really matter, although it makes it worthwhile to know people around the world read and enjoy what write and my photos.

I use Facebook as a valuable way to keep in touch with family and friends, exchange photos and follow what is happening in the life of my nearest and dearest. I don’t have hundreds of “friends”, I only have 28, that’s enough to keep tabs on. The other useful arm to Facebook is having a Hurtled to 60 Facebook Page on which I share blog posts.

At work we have something like Facebook called Yammer. Company information is posted on Yammer, if you don’t use it you miss out. Yet there are still employees who refuse to join. Is that shortsighted? I think so, but on the other hand it is possibly wrong of the firm to use this as the only vehicle to spread company news.

With this in mind, it would be interesting to run a poll to find out people’s thoughts about social networking. Please join in, it is just for fun.

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