Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

There are times when things need more reading than a cursory glance.  When The Weekly Photo Challenge popped into my InBox with this week’s theme of “Fleeting Moment”, I  immediately thought of flowers that open only for a fleeting moment.  With photos of poppies and day lilies I wrote my post.   Happy at having polished off the challenge so speedily,  I then read DailyPost at WordPress post in full and I realised there was another element this week.

“Now it’s your chance to give street photography a shot!”

Street photography is candid photos taken in public places, capturing fleeting moments.    I have never done this type of photography before.

How was I going to find the time, I work  9 to 5 Monday to Friday, I commute and the only time for  “Street Photography” would be lunchtime.   There would be great photo opportunities in the town and the park but the more I thought about it the more I felt uncomfortable at the thought of photographing people I didn’t know.  What if someone saw me and took objection, that could be the makings of a nasty scene.  Embarrassment was about to prevent me contributing this week.

I have never missed a Weekly Photo Challenge and I was not going to let this one go by, so I this morning I slipped my Fuji Digital Fine Pix  into my bag, I didn’t want to take my Nikon DSLR.   It was raining today (by way of a change) and I didn’t go out at lunchtime.  Photo opportunity #1 down the pan!

Photo opportunity #2 presented itself on the station platform this evening.  Commuters are fleeting aren’t they?   You would have laughed, I had the small camera tucked in the palm of my hand and felt as though I was undertaking a surveillance job.  I was sure I looked furtive and suspicious, however, no one stopped me and asked me what I was doing.

Whilst not exactly “Street Photography” and more like “Railway Platform Photography”  the photos below are my interpretation of “Fleeting Moment”.    They are not brilliant but as I said earlier I was not going to miss a Challenge.

 The idea of Street Photography has sparked an interest and I am going to spend a bit more time practising.  It will be at weekends with my Nikon DSLR and I will be brave and bold.

What happened to my Floral Fleeting Moments post?  It is sitting in my draft box waiting for the ideal moment.

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