End of Month View – June 2012

The rain continues to fall, the garden is looking lush and the slugs and snails are getting fatter.  Sadly, blazing June did not happen and the garden is still not a blaze of colour, although flowers are slowly beginning to make a colourful appearance.

We are now halfway through the year and here is my End of Month View for June 2012.

I thought I would post photos this month showing a wider aspect of the garden and name the plants to give you a better idea of what the garden is looking like.   Starting with the south-facing side patio, which is my microclimate garden.   Generally by this time of the year, because it gets so much sunshine, it is looking mediterranean, this year it is looking very fresh and green.   The Japanese Anemones are choking the fuchsias so some urgent thinning out is required.   I had intended to repot the Passion Flower but it has taken off before I had time so will have to wait now until after it has flowered.  I train the passion flower around the water butt so the butt doesn’t stand out so much.

The vegetables are something I am feeling really pleased with and, although hit by blight for the second year, the Charlotte potatoes are undamaged and delicious.  I have just pulled up the first carrots too, so that’s the vegetables for supper tonight sorted.

The Swiss Chard is looking lovely although growing faster than I can eat it.  I am not sure about the courgettes though, they are flowering and beginning to produce

courgettes but the leaves look pale, but maybe it is the variety.   I can’t find the seed packet so can’t remember what they are called.

Below is the sunny side of the garden, with the raised bed where I grow my vegetables, my “mini-allotment”.

I am at a loss to know what has gone wrong with the sweet peas this year.  They are flowering but not growing in height, so they are useless for cutting.

The photo below is a bit deceptive.  The fennel and raspberries are the other side of a little gravel area of about 4ft square in front of  the shed, which is just out of sight to the right of the photo.

The flower bed at the end of the garden is where I grow most of  the cutting flowers.  This year, I bought seeds from Higgledy Garden and most of them have been very successful, apart from the Cosmos which just didn’t seem to want to do anything.

My favourite plant, Agapanthus, has produced a lot of buds this year so will look really good when they flowers come.

I felt really proud of the Cleome, but I have noticed that some of the leaves at the bottom of the plants are beginning to turn yellow, I do hope this is not going to be a bad sign.    This part of the garden will be a mixture of blues and pinks when in full bloom.

A slightly larger view of the bed, and you can see at the very back the ivy, which I have left unnamed in the photo.  It is now too late to cut any of it back but once Autumn arrives it will be given a short back and sides.  Trouble is that I can’t get it to stop growing.  I read a suggestion that you could put a systemic week killer on the root, but with so many shrubs in the bed I am not going to try what would probably be the best way to get rid of it.  Meanwhile, it continues to leech goodness out of the soil for its own purposes.

I suppose like most of us, I spend the majority of my time tending to and pottering around the back garden.   This, to me, always seems a bit strange because it is the front garden I see most off, coming in and out every day and viewing it from my lounge window.   It does, however, seem to look after itself.  At the moment it is being battered badly by the wind blowing up from the sea front, and the Buddleia is almost sideways at the moment with several broken branches.

This next photo, is not one of my best, but it will give you an idea of the wind that blows across the garden.   I planted three Sunflowers “Jammie Dodger” that are suppose to be multiflowered and only grow to about 4ft.  At the moment, they are just a tasty snack for any passing snail.   The Iceberg rose, as usual, is thriving despite whatever weather comes its way.

It has been a pleasure to share my garden and End of Month View with you and now I am going to visit the other EOMV gardens and I hope you will do the same.   Thank you Helen from Patient Gardener for hosting this monthly meme.    Fingers crossed now for some warmth and sun in July.

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16 thoughts on “End of Month View – June 2012

  1. Wow! Looks like an amazing garden!


  2. Hi Ronnie, good to visit – my sweet peas have given up the ghost completely, it might have been the really cold Spring that did for them. And I’ve had very poor germination with many other things too – nigella, larkspur, cornflowers all failed to show. Ah well, as gardeners we have to be philosophical, and start planning for next year, and looking forward to the arrival of the bulb catalogues!


  3. I really like your black coneflower–great dark purpley color.


  4. I like your black cornflower, such a lovely colour. I find that Cosmos do not enjoy this kind of cool wet weather. Mine were planted out as large seedlings, came to a standstill and most of them got eaten.
    Your vegetable pictures look very tasty!


  5. Ronnie your garden is so lush and mine is so parched with very little rain and heat…the only ones that like it the most are the tomatoes and peppers…I really enjoyed the visit round to the gardens to see all the lovely blooms…


  6. My garden is suffering from too much heat, rather than lack of it! Your veggies all look great. I appreciate your labeling all the plants; that must have been a lot of work. Thanks for the tour!


  7. patientgardener July 1, 2012 — 9:00 pm

    this year my cosmos are actually going OK. I wonder if your cleome and courgette would benefit from a feed – just an idea

    It was nice to have a tour and thanks for joining in again this month


    1. I wondered if a feed was necessary too, with all the rain perhaps all the goodness is being washed away. I’ll give a go.


  8. My cosmos are sulking too – they might flower one day. Your garden is looking wonderful.


    1. Thank you Alison. I am still waiting for lots of colour but it’s getting there slowly.


  9. I love cornflowers, and that black one is stunning.


    1. They are particularly lovely and doing really well this year. I am hoping they will self seed.


  10. Hi Ronnie,

    Lovely garden 🙂 Sorry to hear about your sweet peas; although at least you have blooms! Still waiting for mine to finally flower although the plants are actually managing to get nice and large now. I spotted a bud yesterday so we’re almost there! 😀
    Is there any chance you bought dward Sweet pea seeds/plants? I’ve made that mistake before!

    This weather is getting really frustrating now. Today was due to be grey in the morning and then sun most of the day. Instead it was sunny this morning and now sheet grey so photos are difficult to take; especially since there’s also a wind. I wanted to get my lawn mown today but I’m not sure it’ll happen now. By next weekend it’ll resemble a meadow no doubt!


    1. You may well be right about dwarf sweet peas. I did buy little plants this year, although I usually sow seeds. The cells were mixed up, I thought I had picked out full sized ones. Oh well, they are pretty anway and I will be more careful next year. I will send you some sun, its shining happily here today but it is still a chilly strong wind.


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