End of Month View: July 2012

Horror of horrors! I am in fear of losing interest in my garden. 😦 It could just be a blip because it has been so wet and the love and care I usually heap on the garden has been on the back burner for so long now. I am disappointed in how the garden looks… Continue reading End of Month View: July 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

This week the Photo Challenge proved to be slightly more difficult than I had envisaged. What was the challenge? Subtle, waning purple of a sunset; vibrant purple of grapes or eggplant – what kind of purple caught your photographic eye? Share a picture that means PURPLE to you! With my two main loves being gardening… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

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Fleeting Moments

There are a few beautiful flowers that pass in a fleeting moment.   They frequently take a long time to open, staying in tight buds week on week and day after day.   Suddenly one morning, behind your back when you are not looking, they open and by the evening or the next day they… Continue reading Fleeting Moments