Friday Flowers

This week I have felt really tired, its been a struggle to get through the day and I have been more than happy to fall into my bed at bedtime.   I have been too tired to chat, too tired to text, too tired to tweet and even too tired to think of  anything to write on my blog.   Sometimes life just gets you like that, or maybe it’s just me that feels unsociable on occasions.

This has also meant that whilst I generally have no trouble in finding inspiration for subjects to write on the blog ,  this week I am quite happy just to post photos.   It’s not me being a lazy blogger, it’s just me not having anything of any interest to say at the moment.

I do hope that  words start to flow soon, tomorrow is the last day of the month and the End of Month View post is due.  I am collecting  photos and hoping I will have plenty to report about the garden at the end of June.

Meanwhile, today is Friday Flowers and I am happy to be able to show off a few photos,  taken this evening, of flowers in the garden.

– Lavender

– Gazania

– Thyme

– Erysimum

– Sweet Peas

Most of them have a lovely perfume too, and a small posy  is guaranteed to cheer up the day.  Perhaps I should have picked a bunch this morning to start my day off in a better frame of mind.

  • Coming up next on the blog :  End of Month View – June 2012

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  1. Hi Liz, it seems to be tough times at work these days, At least, as you say, there is light at the end of your tunnel. Staff seem to be spread so thin across every board of industry which causes a lot of stress. Thank goodness for the escape to the garden (rain permitting). I know what you mean about having a break to be with ourselves. I am happy in my own little world and often like to just close the door behind me and be quiet. 🙂

    As for the sweet peas, don’t be deceived, the blooms are lovely but still only knee high to a grasshopper. They look very strange with the bare supports rising above them. I will show what they look like in the EMOV.


  2. Hi Ronnie,

    I know exactly how you feel. It’s been a very tough week for me too and with my knee problem I’ve just basically been sitting doing nothing but reading every evening. I think sometimes we all need a bit of a break to be with ourselves – at least I know I do! Next week at work is set to get even worse with a team of 8 being down to 4 and one being on loan to another team so we’ll be down to 3, with one of those three having only started on Wednesday and therefore one of the 2 left will have to train her further (and might I add, our manager is on hols for 2 weeks!). So really in reality there’s only 1 left. Plus we’re getting a load more work dumped on us as a new team goes ‘live’. I’m so tempted to call in sick and the only light at the end of the tunnel is that I have a new job starting in a few weeks.

    Lovely blooms 🙂 and also very jealous you have sweet peas blooming. Mine have been rubbish this year – so many of my seeds have failed and I never got to sow the rest. The peas have so far only produced two pods and the sweet peas no blooms at all – but they are beginning to take off now and hopefully won’t keep me waiting much longer!

    End of Month… Where has June gone???!!


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