The Grass is as High as an Elephant’s Eye… Nearly

There is something special about having an interesting, and different, garden near enough to be able to visit it regularly.   Sussex Prairie Garden is certainly different and interesting.   I have written a couple of posts about this garden, mainly because of its development throughout the year.  It never looks the same from one visit to the next and I like to be able to share my visits with you.

The enormous variety of grasses in the six acre prairie garden will be as high as an elephant’s eye within the next month or so.

The other exciting, and unusual, thing about Sussex Prairie Garden are the sculptures from local and international artists that you will find displayed around the garden, within and on the edges of the beds.   As the garden grows through the season the artwork is enveloped by the planting and when walking around you suddenly notice pieces carefully placed.   There is always something new, such as the coloured lambs and the sheep with its wire coil springs  for a fleece.   Click here for more information about the Art in the garden.

On my first visit, one  piece of artwork that amused me was the “flying tea set” in the grass.   From the photo below you will see how the grasses grow making  it look as though it has grown in the garden, rather than being placed there.

Paths meander in and out of the borders and at the far end of the garden, there are two mounds with benches at the top.  I love to sit up there and survey the garden from a higher level, and just contemplate on how lucky I am.

This is usually followed up by a lovely cup of tea in a decent sized mug, from a proper teapot, sitting outside and viewing the garden again, from the other end.  The home made cakes are excellent too!

Sussex Prairie Garden, near Henfield, West Sussex is open 1pm until 5pm from June 1st until October 14th 2012.


    • Hi Karen, It certainly is an interesting, and different, type of garden and well worth spending time there. Thank you for liking the ‘new look’ it’s always a gamble to change.


  1. I absolutely love this garden, and it is a new one in my books! I thought I had visited just about every garden south of London when we lived there, but I certainly missed finding this one.


    • It’s only been going since 2008 so is still a relatively new garden. Maybe if you come back to the UK for a visit you can see it then! Meanwhile I’ll keep you up to date with posts 🙂


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